How Can I Purchase The New Metaverse Game Early?




It is clear that the new Metaverse game RobotEra has the potential to grow by a factor of 25. Lbank Labs has also supported the game. How to purchase it early is now the question.

RobotEra is now in its presale and selling out remarkably quickly. It has already generated $226k in a little more than two weeks.

The Metaverse industry has been slowly growing since a few years ago, and giant corporations like Facebook have redesigned their whole company to capitalize on the trend. This is in addition to a society that is continuously getting more digitalized and the industry that supports it.

A Special Metaverse For The Robot Sector

There are now several various Metaverses, each with its own unique style and value proposition. Decentraland, one of the first to launch, sought to illustrate the potential of a decentralized planet.

Did you give it any thought?

There is virtual real estate in the NFT realm, and it is a million-dollar market due to the scarcity of land availability in the Metaverse.

Axie Infinity and Eluvium are more game-oriented and concentrate on enhanced usability and higher-quality aesthetics, similar to The Sandbox.

RobotEra integrates everything: players in the RobotEra Metaverse may focus on building their own cities and engaging with other robots while also having the ability to play games with the potential to win TARO tokens as play-to-earn incentives.

RobotEra DAO

The cornerstone of the RobotEra ecosystem is the team’s commitment to the advantages of decentralization and placing the community first.

Due to this, the team has decided to proceed with the idea of transforming RobotEra into a decentralized autonomous organization, which implies that holders of the TARO token can cast votes for changes to the project.

By employing this tactic, the project can guide its community in the right direction and draw upon the group’s combined knowledge.

With the presale, their website has now gone live. When one considers that we are now in a bad market and that the TARO token presale, which is currently running on the RobotEra website, has been selling out rather quickly, it becomes even more astounding.

Anyone interested in taking part in the presale can do so right away on the website. Stay calm about where you will locate it or how you will purchase it. You may do whatever you want because the presale has been handled in several rounds.

TARO tokens are now under $0.02, making them incredibly affordable. It will increase to $0.025 per token when the presale moves on to its next phase. Simply said, it suggests that you would quickly reach a high sum with your tokens multiplied by 25.

An overview of the news

A brand-new Metaverse game is RobotEra.

It has the support of Lbank labs.

It may quickly increase by 25x and provide you with money.

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