How to Build Gojek Clone App for Multi-Service Business: New Business Possibilities in 2021




The Gojek Clone app has made waves in the business realm since the last few years. While you will find many blogs and articles outlining how the Gojek Clone app is the perfect solution for you, there might not be a lot of information on how you can create a huge business empire based on it in the year 2021. In today’s blog post, that is exactly what we will try to learn and establish.

One thing that the corona virus outbreak has taught us is that there are no guarantees in the business world. Multi million dollar ventures have been crippled the world over due to the lock down, where as some unconventional business opportunities have cropped up and done exceedingly well. The Gojek Clone app is just another example of the CoVid 19 turn slide.

As more and more people were forced to stay indoors, it became amply clear that the whole concept of on demand doorstep delivery of services was about to become the hottest new business trend. The Gojek Clone app is a platform that allows service providers from different service backgrounds to provide their services instantly to anyone who seeks it.

Think of it as a bilateral market place where customers can quickly find solutions that they want and service providers and provide these solutions and make money in exchange for it. The monetization model of the Gojek Clone app treats all service providers as partners in stead of employees, thereby ensuring that they can set the price of their services as per their own judgment.

What Are The Services That Are Offered Through The Gojek Clone App?

There are 4 primary services that are offered within the Gojek Clone app. These services are further bifurcated in different sections. We have a small list to help you understand the scope of services that can be offered using the Gojek Clone app.

  1. Taxi Services
    1. Bike Taxi
    1. Hatchbacks
    1. Sedans
    1. Luxury Cars
    1. SUVs
  2. Delivery Services
    1. Single Delivery: Delivery of package/ packages to single destination
    1. Multi Delivery: Delivery of packages to multiple locations
  3. On Demand Store Deliveries
    1. On Demand Restaurant
    1. On Demand Grocery Store
    1. On Demand Pharmacy
    1. On Demand Bakery
    1. On Demand Flower Delivery
    1. On Demand Alcohol Delivery
    1. On Demand Medicinal Marijuana Delivery
  4. On Demand Services
    1. On Demand Doctor
    1. On Demand Beautician
    1. On Demand Plumber
    1. On Demand Electrician
    1. On Demand Babysitter
    1. On Demand Dog Walker
    1. On Demand Tow Truck
    1. On Demand Snow Plough
    1. Any other on demand service

What Are The Various Components Within The Gojek Clone App That You Need?

Broadly speaking, the Gojek Clone app is not a single mobile application but an entire system that is needed to run a business seamlessly. In order to make sure that you can maximize the benefits of the business, here are the various components that you will need within the application.

  1. For the Users
    1. Android App for Users
    1. IOS App for Users
  2. For the Drivers
    1. Android App for the Drivers
    1. iOS App for the Drivers
  3. For the Delivery Professionals
    1. Android app for the Delivery drivers
    1. iOS app for the delivery drivers
  4. For the Stores
    1. Android app for Stores
    1. iOS app for Stores
    1. Web Panel for Stores
  5. Service Providers
    1. Android app for Service Providers
    1. iOS app for service providers
  6. Website
    1. To impart information about the brand and the company
    1. To enable log in, registration and to create profiles for all users
    1. To make bookings directly using the website
  7. For the Admin
    1. Admin Panel of the Gojek Clone app system

Without any of the above mentioned components, this business cannot run. Apps for both Android and iOS need to be created to ensure that you do not miss out on the users of a particular operating system. The admin panel too forms a very important aspect of the business. This is where everything can be managed by the app owner.

Customizable Sections Of The Gojek Clone App

Not every business is alike. Every type of business comes with its own unique set of requirements. While some are meant to be started small and grown slowly, others are destined to enter the market with a loud bang. This is why; it is important to only go for a Gojek Clone app option that has a few customizable settings within the admin panel.

The most important custom settings that need to be there are:

  1. Setting the rate of commission

Since the Gojek Clone is so huge and bears so many different types of services, one cannot charge the same percentage of commission from each one of them. This is why; the admin should have the authority and control to set different commission percentages based on the pricing of the different services.

  • The number of services

As mentioned above, it might not suit the app owner to launch their business with all the 70 + services right from the beginning. Therefore, the admin should be able to hide, remove, or even add services when needed right from the admin panel.


Gojek Clone app is revolutionizing the way people look at on demand services in 2021. With advanced features, scalability and the inclusion of over 70 services, it is the only app that people need in order to hire any kind of service provider. While the corona virus CoVid 19 Outbreak pandemic did cause some ripples in the global fiscal scenario, the Gojek Clone app has only proven to be profitable all over the world.

If you want to establish a successful on demand multi service based business, it is important that you focus on getting all the components mentioned above for your Gojek Clone app. Also, ensure that you have the customizable settings so that you can grow your business the way you want it to.

Another important thing to take care of is to only purchase a market ready on demand multi service app like theGojek Clone app from a reliable and reputed white label app development company with experience in building and launching on demand apps for at least 8 to 10 years.

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