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It is literally the million dollar question: How much is a bitcoin worth in Argentina? What is the price of Bitcoin in Argentine pesos?

In a country marked by its different exchange rates , restrictions to buy foreign currency and its economy in cyclical crisis, calculating the price of an asset in local currency becomes a task that can be confusing and with different results . Much more if we consider that one of the characteristics of bitcoin, and the rest of the cryptocurrencies, for the moment, is volatility .

On the other hand, generally the price of bitcoin is expressed in dollars, which leads to trying to make a calculation with the price of the US currency in one (or several) of its prices in the country: official, blue, stock, MEP, CCL , etc.

Depending on the value you want to obtain, if what you are looking for is an approximate and “official” price , simply by searching Google for ” bitcoin price ” the result will give us a price according to the official price of the dollar in Argentina.

However, that would not be the “real” price since if you want to know the value to invest and buy BTC, the number is another.

An important factor to keep in mind is that there is no “official price” for Bitcoin. And the biggest discrepancy in prices is not due to the amount of exchange rates in the country but because there are more than 15 providers that charge different commissions , take into account different dollars (exchange rates), including the so-called Country Tax, and quote differently in our local currency.

For example, in Ripio , the price of bitcoin in Argentine pesos is, at the closing of this note, AR $ 8,036,492 for the purchase and AR $ 7,424,701 for the sale.

Remember that BTC is divided into up to 8 decimal places. Its minimum unit is one satoshi, equivalent to 0.00000001 BTC. The minimum amount to buy varies in each exchange, but is usually located in the range of 1000 Argentine pesos. That amount may vary, so we recommend checking with each exchange what the minimum is.

On the Argentine exchange SatoshiTango, the price of Bitcoin is AR $ 8,516,377.

And on the ArgenBTC site, the price of a bitcoin in Argentina varies between AR $ 7,969,295 and AR $ 8,231,680.

In all these cases, the price is calculated based on the unofficial blue dollar of Argentina (approximately AR $ 170 per dollar) and the purchase of BTC is very simple and consists of opening a free account on the platform and then, Argentine pesos are charged through a means of payment (bank transfer, online payment platforms or deposit). Once the money, the Argentine pesos, are credited, the crypto assets are simply bought.

Other options to know how much a bitcoin is worth in Argentina at a glance is to consult at and set the price in Argentine pesos to see the price in real time.

Another interesting option to check the purchase and sale prices in the main exchanges of the country, at the same time, is to enter the site

The concepts and descriptions in this note are for informational and descriptive purposes, and do not constitute an investment recommendation.

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