Hundreds attend Bitcoin Collective Conference – as next major Bitcoin event announced for London




The inaugural Bitcoin Collective Conference has been hailed a success by the global Bitcoin community – as plans have been revealed for the next event in the series.

The two-day event saw talks and panel discussions from renowned Bitcoin speakers from all around the world including entrepreneur and author of the Price of Tomorrow, Jeff Booth; host of Coin Stories & Hard Money, Natalie Brunell; Bitcoin strategist & bond expert, Greg Foss; plus many more.

During the event, it was announced that the next Bitcoin Collective Conference will be held in London in 2023. 

The Bitcoin Collective Conference – the first of its kind in the UK – attracted hundreds of experienced Bitcoiners and crypto newcomers to Edinburgh to learn and share knowledge of how Bitcoin can benefit businesses, individuals and charities – and shift the balance of power away from centralised banking systems.

Many of the keynote speeches, talks and panel discussions are now available to stream on YouTube.

Bitcoin Collective co-founder and CEO, Jordan Walker said: “The response to the Bitcoin Collective Conference has been overwhelmingly positive, and we’re already looking at how we can top it at our next event in London without losing the special atmosphere this one had.

“Not only was it amazing to see experienced Bitcoiners coming together to discuss new ways forward; it was also incredibly encouraging to see so many newcomers to the space learning about Bitcoin and everything it can offer them.

“It was a full two days of talks and discussions covering topics including the fundamentals of Bitcoin, why Bitcoin makes you think long term, hyperbitcoinisation and much more. We are excited to continue this journey of educating, informing and inspiring people in the UK about Bitcoin.”

During the conference, attendees heard from politicians, investors, businesspeople and charity fundraisers – many speaking in the UK for the first time. Jeff Booth discussed with Natalie Brunell how he believes all centralised cryptocurrencies are going to zero, and the current state of our economies and what must happen to enable a brighter future.

Host of What Bitcoin Did & chairman of Real Bedford FC, Peter McCormack, hosted a panel discussion titled ‘Bitcoin is a Marathon, Not a Sprint’, where CEO & co-founder of Blockstream, Adam Back, shared his views on altcoins: “Altcoins are a bad intro for people. It’s statistically guaranteed that you will lose money.”

Peter hosted another panel with chief investment officer, Alan Higgins, CEO of P1 Investment Management and Prydis Wealth, James Priday, and director at Fidelity Digital Assets, Manuel Nordeste, where the group shared insights into where TradFi is at and where they see demand, progress and opportunities.

Chief people officer & Bitcoin advocate, Martell Fox, hosted a panel with Natalie Brunell, and fellow at the Bitcoin Policy Institute, Margot Paez, on ‘Bitcoin Going Mainstream’. Paez shared her thoughts on the importance of Bitcoin: “Having a payment mechanism outside of the current system is extremely important to avoid financial censorship.”

Other speakers included CEO of Fedi and board member for ₿trust, Obi Nwosu; president and founder of the Texas Blockchain Council, Lee Bratcher; and investment manager & sound money advocate, Lawrence Lepard.

The Bitcoin Collective Conference – sponsored by OXK, P1 Zendesk and Coincorner – took place from October 21-22, 2022 at the Assembly Rooms in Edinburgh. The next conference has been announced for London in 2023.

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