ICO FOMO Buying Has Been Stopped, And Only 33% Of Tokens Are Remaining




Dash2 Trade is a professional crypto trading platform. The platform has raised an impressive $8,785,000 in a brief period. The investors rushed and invested in their assets and gained very much only in two months period.

The success is even more astonishing given that the fundraising effort is speeding toward its hard cap objective of $13,420,000 against the background of a bear market.

The price of D2T, the native token of the trading intelligence system, has increased to $0.0533 from its initial presale price of $0.0476.

On The Last Day, Enthusiastic Investors Contributed $400,000 To The Fund

The D2T presale is in its fourth and final stage, which explains the rising rate of purchasing — in less than 24 hours, investors have contributed $400,000.

Out of a total allotment of 262,500,00 D2T tokens, 175,000,000 have been bought, leaving 87,500,000 unsold. This is a 33% remaining token supply, which causes FOMO among potential investors.

There is no lock or vesting time for the 26.25 per cent of D2T tokens that are made accessible to the general public during the presale. D2T has a total quantity of 1 billion tokens. There was no private transaction.

Taking into account the tokens that are no longer part of the presale, 43.75% (437,500,000) of the total token supply is now locked for five years.

Due to increased demand for due diligence tools in the wake of the FTX bankruptcy, Dash 2 Trade is hastening its presale.

The FTX catastrophe has shown Dash 2 Trade’s market fit in several ways. Additionally, the project can benefit from a good launch window because its first product, the presale dashboard beta, is almost ready to launch, and additional product development is moving much faster than expected.

According to renowned investor Warren Buffett, it is excellent to invest when others are afraid. Still, it would be best if you exercised caution to take full advantage of the chances presented by a bear market.

In order to find market-beating profits, Dash 2 Trade’s exclusive trading intelligence technologies excel in this situation.

Early Agreements To Offer D2T Coin On Exchanges

Dash 2 Trade already has the endorsement of two of the biggest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, LBank and BitMart, which strengthens the appeal of its business model. Soon after the presale is over, listings will go live on CEXs.

Watch Dash 2 Trade social media for announcements while other exchange listing talks are ongoing. The ability to demonstrate such prominent early backing for the token strengthens investor faith in the project’s underlying principles and its leadership.

Dash 2 Trade’s Duco Van Roosem, the company’s chief product officer, commented on the initial exchange offering agreements, saying: “We are incredibly thrilled to be able to announce that these exchanges have accepted our token for an initial exchange offering.

“For the entire team, it is confirmation of our commitment and professionalism, and it is wonderful to see this being recognized by the industry at this early level,” they said.


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