Obtaining the funding necessary to launch songs and albums can be challenging for musicians. That is changing thanks to

You Desire A Piece Of Your Favorite Musicians’ Success. You Can Now

Following agreement among developers on a potential date for the mainnet Merge, Ethereum’s switch to proof-of-stake is becoming nearer.

ETH Developers Advance The Merge Date To Be Sooner

After the release of U.S. inflation data, risk assets rise, but there is hardly any indication that a sustained

‘Most Despised’ Stocks Surge As Bitcoin Fights 2-Month Resistance

  Here are five MBA graduates who chose not to pursue the conventional corporate career path and instead pursued

Five Indian MBAs Resigned From Corporate Jobs To Follow Their Hearts

Everdome, the most hyper-realistic metaverse, has announced that GEM Digital Limited (GEM), a Bahamian-based corporation that invests in digital

Everdome Receives A USD 10 million Investment Commitment From GEM Digital Limited

Although Bitcoin may not yet be the world’s reserve currency, it appears that more people will start to adopt

The Key To Further Adoption Is To Increase Public Awareness Of Bitcoin’s Effect On Society

A cybersecurity auditing company claims that GameFi programs put “money above security” and are therefore very hazardous for the

Major Hack Of Play-To-Earn Cryptocurrency Games Is Imminent: Research

The stock market has been like a weathervane in the past week, buffeted this way and that by global


An eco-friendly battery that cost millions of dollars in tax money to build and could power an entire house

The US Gave China A Green Battery Technology Breakthrough Worth Millions Of Dollars In Government Money, Based On A Study

After losing over $200 million due to a disastrous security flaw, cryptocurrency business Nomad announced it is paying hackers

Following A $190 Million Hack, The Breached Cryptocurrency Business Nomad Is Offering A 10% Prize For The Return Of Stolen Money

The cryptocurrency exchange’s stock jumped on Thursday after it announced a collaboration with BlackRock that will enable its institutional

Meme Traders And A BlackRock Cryptocurrency Transaction Drive Up Coinbase Share Prices

A brand new NFT project has been launched by the record label Perfect Havoc. Launching on leading NFT marketplace

Leading UK Record Label Perfect Havoc Release 5th Year Anniversary NFT Collection

The class-action lawsuit against the American businesswoman for allegedly endorsing a “pump and dump” crypto coin was dismissed after

The Legal Team For Kim Kardashian Filed A Motion To Dismiss The EthereumMax Cryptocurrency Case

Despite the recent 15 percent rebound in Bitcoin prices, measurements indicate that additional network demand would be required to

The Drop-In Bitcoin Network Activity Indicates A Prolonged Bear Market: Glassnode

Colombia’s Medelln in August 2022 From September 26 to 28, 2022, Cosmoverse, the biggest Cosmos conference, will be held

As Interchain Innovation Trends Upward, The Cosmos Ecosystem Congregates Across Latin America

The technological (r)evolution is changing the way the world functions. By introducing state-of-the-art and innovative solutions across all sectors

Combatting the Luna Crash: A Ray of Hope for All Those Affected

This is when, on the one hand, you sign agreements with Turkey and the UN to open Ukrainian ports

Putin Is Gearing Up For A New Conflict

In terms of usage and hash rate, Ethereum Classic is a PoW chain far less popular than Ethereum. The

After The Merge, An Ethereum Chain Split Is Possible, According To A Survey. But Will The Price Of ETC Continue To Rising?

A well-known blockchain game’s eighth season is set to launch, and for the first time ever, players were able

The Community’s First-Ever Governance Vote Will Result In The Release Of Season 8 Of The Top Blockchain Game

Despite statements from the Fed and Congress, the Q2 GDP reading for the United States satisfies the criteria for

Bitcoin Price Battles $23,000 As Research Indicates That The US Is In A “Technical Recession”

Bloktopia is a 21-level skyscraper that offers the Bloktopians a virtual reality experience. The term “Metaverse” is often used

How Does Bloktopia (BLOK) Operate, And What Is It?

According to Unstoppable Finance, Solana is more decentralized than other blockchains because of its larger validator count and Nakamoto

‘More Decentralized Than People Think,’ According To Solana, But There’s More

Inflation is “deeply ingrained” in the American economy, according to Goldman Sachs CEO David Solomon, who also stated that

Inflation Is The Main Topic Of Discussion Following Earnings, And CEOs Claim They Are Raising Prices And Decreasing Costs

Passionate about creating powerful FinTech tools for everyday people, Dr. Clemen Chiang is the founder and CEO of Spiking,

Clemen Chiang: Introducing the Spiking Trading App

After being accused of fraud by a former employee, Coinbase disputed assertions made by the Securities and Exchange Commission

Blasting The SEC Over An Insider Trading Case, Coinbase Claims That None Of The Coins It Lists Are Securities

The Ethereum head at Blockdaemon said, “all the Ethereum murderers from back in the day didn’t succeed, and I

All “Ethereum killers” Will Fall Short: Freddy Zwanzger From Blockdaemon

A new report released on Thursday claims that hundreds of Russian soldiers who objected to the conflict in Ukraine

A Report Reveals Putin’s “Basement Trap” For Hundreds Of Defiant Russian Troops

Razer Silver, a loyalty rewards program for gamers supported by Razer Inc., the world’s leading lifestyle brand, has announced

Employing Razer Silver, Cake DeFi progresses

The most recent Q2 report describes the increasing energy efficiency of Bitcoin miners. According to the Bitcoin Mining Council’s

BTC Mining Council Reports That The Share Of Sustainable Bitcoin Mining Power Has Reached 59.5 Percent

Enjin, a cryptocurrency introduced by the Enjin organization, is an ERC-20 compliant token that can be sent and received

Enjin (ENJ): What Is It And How Does It Function?