Investment in Bitcoin Cash: Claims of Bitcoin and Purchases




Have you decided to invest in the Bitcoin Cash? So, for you that there are plenty of options to invest, but for that purpose, you may require a wallet which can support Bitcoin Cash.

Claiming of Bitcoin Cash:

You can claim the equal amount of tokens in Bitcoin Cash if you are holding the Bitcoins in your possession. And your Bitcoin Cash tokens will be secure and just waiting for you to claim them right now.

The procedure of claiming your Bitcoin Cash tokens is depending on the wallet which you are using.

Whether you are holding a full node wallet for that, you will need to download the whole Blockchain such as Bitcoin Knots or Bitcoin Core. You can easily back up to your wallet by steering the menu and choosing Backup Wallet.

It will create a wallet.dat file that you can buy in into a full node Bitcoin Cash wallet, like the Bitcoin ABC, where you will find your BCH tokens.

Exchanges to purchase the Bitcoin Cash:

If you have no any Bitcoins, then you can purchase Bitcoin Cash at some crypto-currencies exchanges or can go for the peer-to-peer transaction as well. Currently, in terms of market capitalization, the Bitcoin Cash is the fourth largest crypto-currency after Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin.

The exchange adoption is going to increase day by day across the world operating exchanges. And you can purchase the Bitcoin Cash for fiat currency from the, Kraken and GDAX. Moreover, you can also use the other exchanges such as Bittrex; it will make you capable of taking Bitcoin Cash in exchange for Bitcoin.

Keep in mind that many of crypto-currency exchanges need you to go through a lengthy and challenging process to verify your identity when are going to begin trading.

Moreover, from an exchange, you will also require to link your bank account to the exchange withdrawal system for the deposit and the withdrawing of your funds. After the completion of your identity verification and bank account connection, it will take a few business days.

If you have your Bitcoins, so, you can practice the services such as Changelly and Shapeshift to trade between cryptocurrencies instantly. Also, Changelly allows you to purchase most of its supported crypto-currencies through USD using Master-Card or Visa card.

So, always check and authenticate the addresses where you are sending your funds to make sure that your transactions and funds are safe.

Peer-to-peer purchasing:

Additionally, you can also opt for peer-to-peer trading. For instance, the Local Bitcoin Cash is a service that supports it for Bitcoin Cash, and the Local-Bitcoins performing it for the original Bitcoin.

Local-Bitcoin-Cash gives a platform where traders can trade directly with each other for the BCH fiat currencies.

Most of the investors are using this platform to presents their services for the Bitcoin exchanges and trade. And this platform remains to be seen trusted.

As you are trading peer-to-peer, then make sure to double-check the current exchange rate of amounts, and the addresses of both the recipient’s wallet and you’re as well.

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