Is Your Real Estate Team Violating Federal Law?




The real estate team always works in coordination, most of these real estate teams provide services in a group. They also charge their services at an hourly rate, they provide their services at an agreed-upon wage rate per hour, you can use an overtime calculator to determine your own charges to pay to the real estate agents. These people handle all the phases of the transaction from showing a property or completing a transaction. The real estate contract is expert in dealing with all the stages of property from guiding you about the various rates and about the condition of the property.

In this article, we are discussing are the real estate agents actually violating the federal law while performing their duties:

Our real estate agents are employees?

These real estate agents sometimes are not full-time employees to a company or a contractor. They act somehow as a freelancer, as these agents are the full-time employees of the company. Your overtime calculator guides you, they are charging much higher than the minimum wage rate under the minimum wage rate of federal law. If you find any difficulty, how to calculate overtime, you can use the online manual of the time and half calculator to find the easy method of using the calculator. If you consider these real estate agents full-time employees to the company, they are violating the federal minimum wage rate and overtime laws. As they are working as freelancers, they are not coming under the umbrella of the federal minimum wage rate applied for employees of the company.

 So they should be liable for any violation of the contract, but as they are not full-time employees, and working as freelancers for a company, they are not coming under the jurisdiction of the federal law of minimum wage and are liable for any violation of the contract as a company and employees. A time and half calculator can be used to determine the minimum wage rate of real estate agents.

Our real estate agents violating federal law or not:

The real estate agents are violating to some extent the federal law of hourly wage rate and hour litigation. As the team works in a coordination, and hires their personnel for a short period and not under a contract, so they are not exposing themselves to the recovery of the damages in case of any violation of the federal law of recovery of damages and case of violation of the law. So they are playing a foul to the federal law and exposing both their brokerage and themselves to liability. 

The main reason for this violation, the real estate agents employment is unclear, whether they are full-time employees or a freelancer working under a contract. When you are dealing with the real estate agent, use the time and a half calculator to determine the hourly wage rate of the real estate agents, you can find assistance from an online manual on how to calculate time and a half. This is best to deal with the real estate agent and decide his wage rate.

How to tackle the situation:

Before taking the services of a real estate agent, find out whether your real estate agent is an employee or a professional contractor. Try to find out whether these real estate agents are working as an employee or as independent contractors. If you find the real estate agent is working as their own, deal with him directly, so you can hold him responsible for any damages. In other cases, if the real estate agent is working as an employee, you can hold the company liable for the damages or any violation of the contract and use the overtime calculator to find out his hourly wage rate.

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