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The recent surge in the popularity and revenue of the Gojek Clone pp is immense in recent years. Gojek like the app is getting a wider customer base since it is offering On-Demand Services along with ride-hailing services in Indonesia.

These on-demand service apps like Gojek aid as a single platform bringing customers and service providers together. It is a modern technological app, which has been well-thought and developed after witnessing the pain points and the challenges of the service providers, and the users.

Gojek Clone App with its 70+ On-Demand Services enables you to cater to a wide range of users. Furthermore, the app enables to boost the local community service providers those who are unable to have their app. This way, Gojek Clone App indirectly helps in boosting the economy of that place.

This blog will give everything you need to know for developing an app like Gojek.

Why Build Multiservices App Like Gojek?

Multi-service apps like Gojke are built to offer multiple on-demand services to the users. On the other hand, the single niche application only specializes in offering a single service.

So, entrepreneurs with a single niche application often face difficulty, competing with similar niche offerings apps. At times, the struggle is so hard that there is no revenue generation and the app business gets closed.

With multiple services, this is less likely. With 70+ multiple services, it generates multiple revenue streams. Thus, you are not dependent on one revenue source. Moreover, the app allows you to make changes to the app in terms of features, services, pricing, themes, and logo to evolve and stay updated as per the latest trends.

Following are the benefits of launching the Gojek Clone App

  • The users do not have to download different apps for ordering services. With Gojek Clone, they can have it done and ordered in few swaps.
  • Gojek Clone App Solution is a white-label solution that is built on scalable technology. Thus you can make changes to meet the changing needs of modern consumers.
  • The cost of developing Gojek Like App is almost the same as that of Single Niche Application in Indonesia.

New Version Features Of Gojek Clone App

Below we have mentioned the basic features which will make your Go-Jek clone app more user-friendly and budget-friendly.

Taxi booking services covers

  • Restricted passenger limit

It allows the driver to restrict the passenger limit. Thus ensuring the safety as “Social Distancing” is mandatory.

  • Face mask verification

The feature verifies the driver following the safety rules of wearing a face mask. The driver has to upload the selfie in the app.

  • Ride cancellation

The driver has the option to cancel the delivery if it is not feasible

  • Safety checklists

The users are displayed safety checklists before confirming the taxi ride.

  • Safety ratings and reviews

Once the trip ends the app asks for the safety ratings and reviews for the betterment of the app.

  • OTP verification from the user

The OTP is generated for the user. The driver asks for the OTP before starting the ride.

  • Graphical status of the booked ride

The feature offers a graphical illustration displaying the status of the ride/order to the user on a real-time basis.

  • Apply toll cost manually

The driver can apply toll cost manually to the final invoice when the trip ends for the user.

  • Fare calculation two ways

The app enables the admin to choose one out of two. The trip fare can be calculated either by the road traveled or the rider pays the estimated fare.

On-demand delivery and other services

  • Store wise commission

The admin can set different commission rates for every store listed on the app.

  • Day wise separate time slots

The restaurants/stores can keep modifying the time-slots as well as days suiting their business requirements

  • Item name searching

The feature enables the users to search for the items from the stores/restaurant menu. Also, it helps locate the nearby stores and restaurants for quick ordering.

  • Voice instruction for delivery drivers

The feature enables the users to keep the voice notes for the delivery drivers to give specific instructions.

  • 18+ age confirmation

The user has to show the 18+ age proof while ordering that is 18+.

In Conclusion

Businesses are reopening. People are gradually getting back to work. However, the trend of ordering online is going to stay.

Buy Gojek Clone Script solution to kick start your business immediately in Indonesia. Gojek Clone is yet to make a mark in several countries, and this is the right opportunity to be the game-changer. Have your monopoly in the market by launching a robust Gojek Clone App.

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