Libera Foundation Enhances Capital To Release Web 3.0 Supply Chain Revolution




Libera Foundation, a first-of-its-kind data gathering platform for developing markets, has received money from GAINS Affiliates to help start their innovative products, revolutionizing the supply chain sector.

The Libera Foundation launched a special data collecting software built on the “Share to Earn” principle that enables the gathering, managing, and studying of extensive data systems in retail supply chains. Libera’s team considers that by integrating Blockchain with AI, the world can continue to create a difference in undeveloped countries.

Everyone may utilize Libera’s unique technologies to create their data work for them. Big data is often linked with Google gathering information to enhance user experience. The identical practice can be used by organizations that support those who are most in need. Libera lets folks in developing markets concentrate on what they do best: their livelihoods.

Libera supports her partners in obtaining greater returns while boosting lives by converting traditional businesses into data-driven businesses. Libera Foundation was formed for social effect, but it is also about technology and data. Data formerly locked away in spreadsheets and voicemails is now available on a single platform, offering firms the crucial information to generate revenue.

The new GAINS fund helps Libera extend its network and enables the technical team to complete the first market-ready version of the Libera app. Its primary goal is to facilitate small businesses in analyzing information directly from them during their daily operations. Retailers will obtain the LIBE token and other customized perks for their cooperation.

The software validates and gathers every piece of data from the purchase, comprising SKU ID, category, price, quantity, time, and location, using blockchain. The collected data is then delivered to Libera Data Ocean, which saves it properly.

Libera employs AI and machine learning algorithms to analyze and structure data in an effort to provide recommendations, optimize stocks, and estimate demand. Libera may sell this data to FinTechs, MNCs, local businesses, and wholesalers using Web 3.0.

“Whatever we do is for the good of others.” We are delighted to launch Libera to the world after investing years in undeveloped countries. It is a one-of-a-kind solution that will guarantee that those at the bottom of the retail pyramid are not ignored by offering them the technology and guidance they require to succeed. We’re on a journey to make the world a better place.” — Libera Foundation CEO and supply chain expert Max Ward

By utilizing local skills and opportunities, Libera allows anyone, wherever on the planet, to become a tech entrepreneur. It connects communities together around a common objective of applying technology to enhance people’s lives. Available through Android smartphones and with a world-class web 3.0 infrastructure for over a billion customers to utilize the potential of big data.

“We are pleased to be teaming with Libera. Their vision for the future of the supply chain is exciting, and it fits with our goals in this field. “We are enthusiastic about collaborating with Libera as they revolutionize rising retail supply chains for profit and purpose,” says Gains CEO Alexandre Raffin.

Libera Foundation acquired over USD 500.000 in Libe coins private pre-sale and effectively closed a USD 1 million equity seed round in 2021. The team is currently working for the TGE on May 15th and July 2022 listing on Dexes with a price of 0.0005 per Libe.


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