Marinade introduces new liquid unstake feature: SOL stakers can now unstake instantly with no cooldown period



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Marinade, Solana’s first and leading liquid staking protocol, is pleased to announce the latest feature to the dApp that delivers more asset liquidity to Solana. 

Introducing Liquid SOL Unstake: Now, any Solana staker can unstake their SOL tokens instantly with no waiting for the next epoch. It is now available on the staking page of the Marinade dApp

Typically, one of the key tradeoffs to consider when staking with a single validator has been the stake’s illiquidity because you must wait until the next epoch (typically 48–72 hours in length) to get your SOL back once you initiate the unstake. This waiting period can prove very costly if you were hoping to use that SOL in the marketplace to take advantage of NFT mints or sharp market moves.

“To be able to unstake instantly for me as a trader was essential because I’ve seen it many, many, many times where people have to wait until the next epoch. And are actually, you know, losing major trading opportunities because of that lack of flexibility.” — Solana Legend, DeFi trader and influencer on Twitter 

Consider this illiquidity challenge now solved by Marinade. The Master Chefs are pleased to announce that the same instant liquid unstake feature that has been available for mSOL is now available for a SOL stake account on any validator as well.

How to liquid unstake your SOL stake

All you need is a stake account with more than 1 SOL at least 2 epochs old and you can utilize the Marinade dApp to instantly unstake it.

  1. Visit the Marinade staking page and connect your wallet.
  2. Click on “unstake” in the app
  3. If you have an eligible SOL stake account that can be unstaked, a dropdown will surface on that allows you to toggle from mSOL to your SOL stake accounts.
  4. Select your stake account and approve transaction (this incurs SOL gas fees and the same 0.3% transaction fee as liquid unstaking mSOL).
  5. In seconds, your SOL stake will be fully unstaked, returned to your wallet, and ready for use any way you wish!

Watch this video demo on YouTube to see liquid unstake in action!

How Marinade makes this happen: Marinade takes your SOL stake, instantly converts it to mSOL and then unstakes it from its liquidity pool.

Before you unstake keep in mind that:

  • Your stake account must contain more than 1 SOL (there is no max amount)
  • Your stake account must exist for more than two epochs.
  • There is a 0.3% instant unstake fee (same fee as liquid unstaking mSOL).

Marinade loves validators and understands many Solana users have both mSOL and a SOL stake account. So be sure to keep this new feature in mind the next time you or a fellow user in the DeFi or NFT community says they see an exciting opportunity, but can’t execute it because they have all their SOL tied up in a staking account.

Unlocking liquidity from stake accounts is just another reason why Solana is the best L1 blockchain for staking. You are always just a fast transaction away from getting your SOL stake back.

Try liquid unstake on the Marinade dApp!

About Marinade

Marinade.Finance is the first non-custodial liquid staking protocol built on Solana. Stake your SOL tokens with Marinade and receive mSOL (“marinated SOL”) tokens in return that can be used in decentralized finance (DeFi). mSOL is the most widely integrated collateralized version of SOL. The price of mSOL goes up relative to SOL each epoch, with rewards being accrued into your stake account.

Marinade’s delegation strategy stakes to 400+ validators that are selected automatically by an open-source, fair formula based on performance, commission, and decentralization.

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