MetaShooter the world’s First Blockchain Hunting Metaverse game on Cardano



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The MetaShooter team, the first attempt in the cryptocurrency community, will announce that it has launched a blockchain-based hunting Metaverse on Cardano.

According to the team, hunters who prefer to be part of the community can benefit from the following features.

MetaShooter features

  • You will receive token rewards for winning tournaments, completing trophies collections, and other hunting-related expenses.
  • Experience real hunting in tournaments while enjoying beautiful VR-enabled visuals.
  • It can be developed with the construction of towers, the purchase of hunting land, the acquisition of passive income, and the breeding of NFT dogs.
  • You can also customize and upgrade yourself by upgrading your hunting equipment. You are free to use various hunting equipment to improve your skills and become a stronger and better hunter. You can freely use Shotguns, handguns, bows, rifles, knives, and other equipment to make hunting a success.
  • Members of the community can experience different environments, realistic dynamics, and stunning visuals on the platform.

These are designed for users to have a memorable experience on a hunting expedition.

Explaining the rationale behind the Hunting Metaverse project, the team explained their goals: “We’ve got a lot of people coming up to us.”One of our team’s goals is to create a game that will bridge the world of crypto and non-crypto. MetaShooter aims to similarly modernize the hunting industry, a huge but niche market. ”

To achieve this goal, MetaShooter will leverage the power of two multi-billion-dollar markets: blockchain technology and hunting.

Equipment Marketplace

MetaShooter has created a marketplace where community members can build more accurate and personalized weapons and find rare weapons such as F44 Champion, FS Ultra Zoom Scope, Stock, and 25*39 Long Range.

Users can choose from various customization options to meet their specific hunting needs. NFT can also be sold, dissolved, and forged.

NFT dogs

I understand that teamwork is important for successful hunting. Together with NFT dogs with unique hunting techniques and sensations, expand the hunting skills of the members and allow them to easily chase the trophy. The aim is to maximize user hunting skills and significantly increase the probability of success.

Complement your hunting skills by building and upgrading towers to prevent detection and increase visibility and fire. If you don’t use the hunting tower regularly, you can always monetize it by lending it to other hunters who need it.

We also have the tools to find animals without worrying about them, which greatly improves productivity and success rates.

The team provides the hunter with additional equipment and bait to defeat the target animal easily.

In addition, users can make a profit by breeding NFT dogs and selling them to hunters of their choice. Selling NFT dogs can help you to supplement your hunting income.

Hunters are not restricted to hunting locations. In the world of MetaShooter, you can hunt where you want to hunt and enjoy great visuals and environment. Purchase NFT land and start your hunting journey while earning money.









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