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One of the most promising projects for 2022 is RobotEra, and investors may still get TARO tokens at the lowest price possible during the first round of the presale.

Due to the numerous ways players may earn prizes and commercialise their experience, the new play-to-earn (P2E) and metaverse gaming concept fascinates investors and analysts.

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What Is RobotEra?

We have named RobotEra, a new game project, the most excellent play-to-earn game of the year because it lets users develop a metaverse environment and make money both actively and passively in a variety of ways.

After a catastrophic tragedy, players must purchase metaverse pieces of land and develop them with infrastructure and buildings to reconstruct the shattered planet Taro.

RobotEra users receive prizes for completing tasks, gathering materials from the metaverse, participating in social gatherings, and tending to holy trees.

Players are allowed to construct whatever they choose on their metaverse plots, including music venues, museums, and everything in between. 

The space on billboards may also be sold to marketers. Players can charge an entrance fee for events or sell structures to other players for their worlds.

RobotEra uses bespoke construction tools that don’t require coding skills, and users may add 3D sceneries, audio, user interaction, and physics with little restrictions on what can be created.

The creators of RobotEra are specific that when users are given the freedom to design their own environments, more valuable features and sources of income will eventually surface.

In order to play the game and restore Taro, players must construct robot friends. These robots may be enhanced and personalised before being sold to other players as NFTs.

Staking TARO tokens can provide three benefits: a passive income, participation in community DAO voting, and aiding in the reconstruction of Taro.

RobotEra will also include VR/AR features in the first half of 2023 to better immerse the game in the metaverse.

You can visit the RoboEra presale now to get into the floor.

RobotEra Presale Information

RobotEra is currently in stage 1 of its presale, as was previously announced, and has raised $320,000 since coming online.

Tokens are presently being sold for $0.02, however, after three presale rounds, the price will rise to $0.025 and eventually $0.032, representing a 60% gain.

90 million tokens are up for grabs in each presale phase, for a total of 270 million overall (or 15%) of the 1.8 billion maximum supply.

A total of 15% of the supply is being assigned to the team (10%), advisors (3%), and early institutional investor LBank (2%), with those tokens being frozen for at least one year. 

The remainder of the supply will be kept for the treasury/DAO (33%) and the P2E prize pool (25%). 9% more is set aside for the ECO fund.

With LBank already on board and the exchange expecting to list the token shortly after the presale sells out, there is only 3% left for liquidity. As a result, a supply shock may raise the price at the IEO.


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