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One of the world’s top Hollywood agencies is United Talent Agency (UTA). CEO of Moonbirds parent business (PROOF), Kevin Rose, claims that the alliance also aids in the brand’s global expansion. 

He underlines that the company wants to reach customers outside of the current web3 audiences. One thousand four hundred individuals make up the UTA team. They have experience in various fields, including speaking, marketing, fine arts, broadcast, video games, music, literature, and broadcasting. 

Leading Hollywood talent agencies United Talent Agency have struck a representation agreement with PROOF, the firm behind the top-tier NFT project Moonbirds (UTA).

They are also skilled in branding and licensing. By signing high-profile NFT projects, UTA, a California-based corporation, has also been gradually expanding its web3 portfolio. CryptoPunks, DeadFellaz, and other groups led by Lesley Silverman are among these.

In February 2022, early-stage Facebook and Twitter investor Kevin Rose and designer Justin Mezzell established the NFT-focused business. The company’s inventory also includes the Proof Collective and Oddities NFT collections.

When announcing the move on Twitter on January 6, Rose hinted that the deal’s objective was to generally make the Moonbirds name more well-known rather than only as a major player in the Web3 industry.

The announcement further declares that the agency will support the NFT brand by vetting, brokering, and collaborating. Additionally, these alliances will present chances in several entertainment-related industries. 

10,000 8-bit owl-themed avatar NFTs are part of the Moonbirds project, which uses Ethereum and will be released in April 2022. Data from CryptoSlam shows that it has produced secondary sales of over $619.5 million thus far.

Moonbirds’ 24-hour sales volume has decreased significantly (by a whopping 57.86%), with $442,747 worth of Moonbirds NFT transacting hands within that time period, despite the ostensibly optimistic UTA statement. However, trade volumes are still up 63.74% over seven days.

The decision of Moonbirds to pursue Hollywood partnerships is in line with those of other well-known NFT companies.

Larva Labs, the company behind CryptoPunks, opened the door by agreeing to represent the company’s intellectual property (IP) in TV, cinema, video games, licensing, and publishing. This was done in September 2021.

The next month Yuga Labs, which now owns CryptoPunks, did likewise by partnering with UTA to promote the Bored Ape Yacht Club IP across film, television, music, and video games. 

While the agreement between UTA rivals WME and NFT startup Boss Beauties was the most recent event before PROOF.

“It became evident after visiting a few agencies that UTA is uniquely positioned to push our brand into new markets. On the Twitter thread announcing the agreement, he writes, “We’re already working on upcoming partnerships we know you’re going to adore and couldn’t be more eager to kick off 2023 with a bang.”

What More About Moonbirds?

On the Ethereum network, there are 10,000 digital collectables called Moonbirds. Owls are the avatars used by the PFP project, and they have a variety of unique qualities and abilities. 

PROOF is the name of the company that produced the collection. Additionally, the business is in charge of the Proof Collective and Grails projects.


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