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In May 2020, Rasco Kalis, who is a software developer and founder of, released the 0.4 version of Cashscript. This version was gifted with several optimizations for Bitcoin Cash. The new site of Cashscript shows up a language of higher level, which brings a solid abstraction layer on Bitcoin Cash. This language is a Bitcoin Script, the native virtual machine.

Spedn, a Bitcoin Cash programming language, which is also recent and smart higher level, is highlighted by a software developer named Tendo Pein.

Cashscript Version 0.4.3 and

The software developer, Rasco Kalis, announced several cryptocurrency projects., which we mentioned in the beginning, is such a platform that enables inspection of dapp (decentralized app) contracts for people. In the past, these contracts were used for approval of spending the ERC20 tokens. People used it for revoking access for those tokens that were not in use further.

Apart from Bitcoin’s Cashscript, Kalis has contributed to different Anuhedge projects and being a software engineer; he performed some roles in General Protocol team. In an interview in May 2019, Kalis released the truth about SDK (Software Development Kit) and language syntax, inspired by the programming language of Ethereum. After that, in May 2020, a new website, and Cashscript version 0.4 for Bitcoin Cash was released.

According to Kalis, he released the 0.4.3 version of Cashscript on July 10 with slight optimizations of bytecode. When the 0.4 version was released on an initial base, it was incorporated with Variable size NUM2BIN, Manual UTXO selection, Bitwise operators, and a Fluent Transaction interface. The about section of the website says that:

  • For smart contracts on Bitcoin cash, Cashscript is a higher-level programming language
  • Cashscript brings a solid abstraction layer on Bitcoin Cash as a native virtual machine
  • The syntax of Cashscript is based on the solidity of smart contract language of Ethereum

Spedn, Higher Level Programming Language New Homepage:

After the initial release of Cashscript version 0.4.3 on July 10, Tendo Pein, described that Spedn had got new homepage, Spedn was a higher-level programming language for Bitcoin Cash, and every developer was showing interest in it. The homepage was designed with new colours and with explicitness and safety.

Cashscript noted that Spedn is offering a static type-checking that can detect several errors in a systemized time. The website assured pure functioning without any side effects. Two projects use Spedn:

  1. Flipstarter, General Protocol Team, and Anyhedge concept
  2. Karol Trzeszczkowski’s recurring-payment Plugin

For Bitcoin Cash, the projects of Programming language are very crucial. BCH supporters anticipate to those projects that grasp them. The insights that can happen with the script of Bitcoin and onchain contracts, these projects are behind it.

Moreover, a detailed study was provided about the difference between Ethereum smart contracts and Bitcoin script capabilities. The smart contracts of Bitcoin Cash have features like:

  • Efficient and Reliable Verification
  • Private and Isolated Contracts
  • Strong Abstraction
  • DeFi on Bitcoin Cash

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