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The e – commerce is like an ocean full of fish. The question is how to locate and reach them before the thousands of fishermen who, like you, are bent on filling their nets.

Therefore, having the best (advertising) baits is essential. The best known (and also one of the most effective) is the display , ads that combine images and text, and that are displayed on the top or side of a multitude of websites in the form of banners (in Spanish, banners).

But, what does this advertising technique really offer to companies? What are the tips that the experts point to to start using it?

For Laura María Vázquez, director of digital marketing at the communication consultancy Torres y Carrera, the greatest potential of this advertising method is its reach.

“With a display campaign you can reach anyone. Furthermore, in recent years, it has been possible to develop strategies for each type of client ”, specifies the specialist.

The first step is to enter an affiliate network, that is, those platforms that ensure that advertising is disseminated on the Internet (whether in search engines, blogs, websites …) in exchange for a commission. Choosing a good network is important.

“For example, Google has a penetration in Spain of 98% of Internet users. So their display campaigns dominate the Internet, ”says Vázquez.

Once the network has been chosen, it is necessary to know which type of banner is best: animated (video or GIF – graphics interchange format , for its acronym in English -, ideally it should not last more than 30 seconds) or static (a still image ). The effectiveness of each format varies according to the objective of each company and its budget.

Cristian Varela, marketing expert at the consulting firm specialized in digital transformation RocaSalvatella, affirms that the most important thing to carry out an excellent campaign is “the size of the cookies “, that is, the volume of visits to the web.

“If your website receives many visits per day, your margin of maneuver in terms of segmentations and lists will be much greater. If, on the other hand, your website receives few visits a day, you will have many complications to carry out this type of campaign ”, explains Varela, who will give a webinar on the subject at Banco Sabadell’s H UB Empresa .

Sign up for the Banco Sabadell Company HUB webinar Complete your digital marketing plan: introduction to display marketing and retargeting . Date: November 26 at 4:00 p.m.

The way to manage cookies begins, according to the specialist, with installing a tracking code and creating different lists to segment the campaigns.

Varela reminds that during the data collection process the current legislation on the subject is important, both national (LOPDGDD) and European (RGPD). Then, it is time to create the advertising campaign and measure the results.

Not just any design will do. Creating an effective banner will depend on whether it is attractive to customers. It is important to study in depth the message that you want to convey about the brand, including an interesting offer for the user, and using a correct format.

The use of certain colors can enhance one sensation or another. For example, while red works for products like beverages or restaurants, yellow is ideal for the children’s market. The best option is to consult specialists in the field of design to create an innovative and effective ad that is therefore profitable.

Like many other experts, Vázquez and Varela point out five keys that make display advertising so successful.

It is measurable . In other words, it allows you to control some fundamental metrics such as click-through frequency at all times. Knowing this allows you to optimize the results by being able to make changes while the ad is active: you can do tests to find out which message works better, change the image for another, modify the colors, etc.

Allows segmenting. It is possible to design advertising campaigns to reach a certain type of customer.

Facilitates adaptation to a multitude of devices. This advertising is perfectly suited to mobile phones , a point to take into account, since the latest studies suggest that purchases over the phone do not stop growing.

It offers a variety of payment options . This allows any type of company (large or small) to carry out this type of campaign regardless of its budget.

Among the most used is the cost per click or CPC (payment for each time an Internet user clicks on the banner ), the cost per 1,000 impressions or CPM (payment for each thousand times the ad is displayed on the web), the cost per action or CPA (payment for each time a user enters the banner and buys the advertised product) and the flat rate (payment of a fixed annual or monthly amount).

On the other hand, and thanks to the connectivity of the new network, companies will be able to offer particular offers to Internet users at a certain time. “Ultimately, it will be possible to arrive at intelligent advertising that will correspond 100% to the preferences and behaviors of the users,” concludes Vázquez.

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