Newly Launched Project SmarterWorx Is Designed To Compete With MakerDAO And BitDAO




The innovative technology used in the blockchain network to decentralise financial institutions is known as decentralisation. Online, there are a lot of Defi initiatives that are trying to attract investors to the ecosystem. 

However, the majority of these ideas require greater functionality and practical applications. Initiatives like MakerDAO, a decentralised autonomous organisation overseeing Maker and its smart contract stable coin DAI, have evolved to provide market stability. 

Others, such as BitDAO, have gathered builders and developers under one roof to provide advantages in the virtual world. However, both of these two initiatives give a more helpful solution than SmarterWorx.

Introducing MakerDAO And BitDAO

The supply of the stablecoin DAI is now managed via the decentralised ecosystem known as MarkerDAO. DAI is a stablecoin that is 1:1 tied to the US dollar. 

The stablecoin is a decentralised digital currency recognised for its widespread adoption since anybody can use it without restrictions. The Maker system generates the smart contracts managing the stablecoin. 

It is directly managed by the community of MKR token holders, who also control the DAI. The stablecoin has gained popularity and is now present in over 400 applications, including those that offer services for cryptocurrency wallets like World Coin.

On the other hand, BitDAO is a platform supported by blockchain technology that enables the creation of goods and services in the web3 ecosystem. A Singapore-based By bit cryptocurrency exchange released BitDAO in June 2021. 

The company attracted significant investments from institutions and knowledgeable investors after receiving a lot of momentum from the whole crypto community. Even though it is based on decentralisation, BitDAO will probably be impacted if the exchange fails, like FTX.

SmaterWorx Is Bigger Than We Think

One of the trendiest technologies in the cryptocurrency and NFTs sectors is the ecosystem from SmarterWorx. The project is presently up for presale. 

Moreover, the cryptocurrency enthusiasts who invest in the platform would profit greatly, including staking incentives and receiving commissions airdropped from the network’s earnings.

By deploying “phygital” tokens and hybrids of tangible goods tokenised on the blockchain network, SmarterWorx is trying a new revolution in technical development that merges the real and virtual worlds. Following the presale, the ecosystem will set up a treasury fund that will allow small and medium-sized investors to purchase high-end works of art that are often only accessible to well-educated and wealthy people.

NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and tangible goods are all strengthened in one ecosystem by SmarterWorx using innovative technologies. Following the presale, the platform will take a percentage of the money and put it into a portfolio of digital works of art that will support the ARTX value. 

Investors would greatly benefit from this, given the stress that comes with the worrisome volatility of unbacked crypto assets. It is a good agreement, especially in imperfect markets like the one that is consuming the price of cryptocurrencies. 

This is because ARTX’s discount will rely on the portfolio’s health. Get a discount on the official release price of SmarterWorx by purchasing it right now.

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