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NFT left nothing, setting footprints all over the entire globe, even in the virtual sphere. Likewise, memes are now a reflection of happiness, sadness, criticism, and even they serve surprises sometimes. Memes were all about creativity and relativity. Tons of memes are being posted every day, and they get millions of views and likes from the commoners. Memes had become this generation’s emotion literally. But all these emotions are turning into fortune when NFT made a debut in making memes as NFT. A wide range of people loves and enjoy memes. The market for memes is also very high.

As a market dealing with billions, NFT made even more fortune in NFT memes, where disasters girls meme went for 500,000 US Dollars, and Nyan cat meme went for 600,00 US Dollars. If you are wondering and questioning, “Is this even possible?” technically, with NFT, anything is possible. Before getting deep into NFT memes, let’s see what actually NFT does.

Non-Fungible Token

The non-fungible token is a unique item, and it is different from each other in its kind; NFTs are built with Blockchain networks, and they have various standards. Those standards allow them to be unique and irreplaceable. They can’t be exchanged, and they are inseparable. NFT, is initially considered by the people who have the hobby of collecting collectibles. Only such digital assets that too many artworks were only converted into NFT. 

But time flees NFTs target audience expanded, and many marketplaces targeting the specific audience came into existence, and NFT started evolving in areas like

  • Art
  • Music
  • Picture
  • Videos
  • Games
  • Sports
  • VR
  • Real estate

NFTs are not just about the digital assets, and the physical assets play an essential role; NFT reached more than 2000% growth just in the first quarter of the year 2021.

Token Standard in NFT

Non-fungible tokens, as before said, need blockchain to function the way they are described, Ethereum is one of the most used blockchain networks, and there are many pioneers like Binance Smart Chain, Theta, Polygon, flow, Tron, etc.

To show their authenticity and uniqueness, NFTs need token stands like Ethereum’s ERC-721 or ERC-1155 if Ethereum is used as the blockchain. There are many similar tokens on every NFT based Blockchain network.

Memes in NFT

This Memes and NFT meeting is like one trendsetter meeting another trendsetter. These memes are represented in many ways like images, videos, and sometimes audio clips. Memes met all the basic requirements an NFT needs, like a very vast audience. Assets that can be easily integrated into NFT marketplaces as NFT.

 Memes have been ruling the entire internet for the past decade. Even many billionaires and millionaires are interested in memes. This made a significant market entrance for the memes in NFT.

Memes NFT Marketplace

The non-fungible tokens marketplace in memes is a revolutionary space, where many emotion conveyed memes are now available for sale. And the idea of owning world-renowned memes is increasing. People from all over the world in the crypto space are showing interest in buying the NFT.

Advantages of Owning an NFT market

There are several advantages in creating NFT memes or NFT meme marketplace over any other existing marketplaces.

  • Well established

Since memes are well established, they will have more traffic, the people from a wide range will show interest in buying the NFT from NFT marketplaces.

  • Revolutionary Space

Memes already have digital content, and the creativity of the memes will bring in series posts, story-based posts, and many other posts as NFT. This will restructure the NFT marketplaces the way they worked.

  • Credits and Identity

Memes in NFT will give identity and credits to various meme creators, and many regular content creators influence the social space out there. Bringing them into the NFT marketplace will benefit both parties.

Create your NFT meme

To create your own NFT meme, you have to work on following steps

  • Step 1: Create your web wallet account.
  • Step 2: Integrate your web wallet.
  • Step 3: log in to your desired marketplace.
  • Step 4: Upload your meme in the marketplace.
  • Step 5: Pick the token standard.
  • Step 6: Select the payment preference “fixed-price or auction-based.”
  • Step 7; Mint you meme NFT.

NFT Memes that made fortunes so far,

Many memes in NFT have made fortunes, their popularity and creativity of the creators made this possible. Here are some famous NFT sold,

  • Overly Attached girlfriend 

Youtuber Laina Morris’ video went viral, and she was recognized as the Overly Attached Girlfriend. Her video crossed more than 21 million views on youtube. After nine years, her overly attached girlfriend scene image went for 555,000 US Dollars in the Foundation marketplace in April.

  • Disaster Girl

Disaster girl is one of the well-known and most used memes ever created; Zoe Roth, a girl, smiles after seeing her house burning in 2005. This image went viral, and Roth sold this meme for 500,000 US Dollars.

Several more NFT memes were sold for vast sums of money. This is mainly because of the popularity it gained over the years.

Wrapping Up

Only very few could sense the actual heat behind the Meme NFT marketplaces; they have the potential of restructuring the way the NFT marketplaces work. If you are building an NFT meme marketplace, you need to find a suitable technical partner to make you some and enjoy trading.

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