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The innovative NFT collection that features art that is AI-generated, Artsy Monke is making history by becoming the first official 10,000 unit NFT collection to launch their art on the Bitcoin blockchain. This ground-breaking move comes after the tremendous success of their Ethereum-based collection, which has already attracted a legion of devoted fans.

The AI-generated art in Artsy Monke’s collection is truly unique, utilizing cutting-edge technology to produce stunning and distinctive pieces that are truly one-of-a-kind. The collection boasts a diverse range of styles and subject matter, with something to appeal to art lovers and NFT collectors of all tastes and preferences.

Bitcoin NFTs, or Ordinals, are created by inscribing art onto individual Satoshis on the Bitcoin blockchain, and are poised to become the next big thing in the world of digital art, already generating more trading volume than Foundation and Rarible marketplaces combined.

As the first official 10,000 unit collection on the Bitcoin blockchain, Artsy Monke is setting the bar for innovation and creativity in the world of NFTs. With their AI-generated art and commitment to expanding their brand in exciting new ways, they are sure to continue to be a major player in the world of digital art for years to come. In addition to their impressive collection of NFTs, Artsy Monke has already expanded into other areas of creative expression, with the recent release of a rock song that perfectly captures the spirit of their brand and a racing game that will serve as a utility for NFT holders, further enhancing the value and appeal of their collection.

For more information about Artsy Monke and their ground-breaking NFT collections, visit their website at 

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