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There is a misconception that NFT Raffles are not transparent or legit. The fact remains that most are not, but NYE Lucky Squares is offering the most transparent NFT Raffle available to date.

Is NYE Lucky Squares Legit?

Apart from all the misconceptions and rumors spread everywhere about NFT raffles not being legit or so, NYE Lucky Squares is utterly legit and works on grounds by providing complete and crystal-clear transparency to the people. NYE Lucky Squares provides full transparency to all the contestants, by opening up the smart contract to be able to be verified by all contestants. Thus, the contestants should rest assured while they make their purchases with NYE Lucky Squares. The raffle is legit for all who enter.

What is a Raffle?

The raffle is actually a competition in which people buy a numbered entry. Each of these entries has a chance to win a prize. At a set particular time, the winners are then drawn randomly from a container that holds a copy of each number or computer generated. The drawn entries are then completely checked against the prizes with numbers. Ultimately, the entry holder wins the prize.

Is License Required?

Well, there are cases where licensing is required. If you run a raffle where you do not sell the tickets before the event, then it will fall under the terms of ‘an incidental lottery’. Normally, there are no requirements of having a license to conduct raffles in our country, nor do you need to have permission to run raffles. But there are a few rules like you are required to sell the tickets at the location during the event.

For NYE Lucky Squares

As mentioned earlier, you will be provided with complete transparency to show you a legit contest. Buy the NYE Lucky SquaresNFT and enter a drawing for a large amount of ETH. There are A LOT of chances to win, as there will be a total of 81 winners selected.

Once the minting is complete, the contest will commence accordingly. Once complete, one grand prize winner and 80 subsequently small winners will be randomly drawn. Winning token IDs will be published on the website. The more you buy, the more chances of winning you have.

Prizes Information

Grand Prize: 25 ETH (1 total)

Small Prize: 1 ETH (80 total)

Note: For complete transparency and legitimacy, a day after minting is complete, the winners will automatically and instantly be transferred their ETH. NYE Lucky Squares will also pay all the gas when the winners are sent their ETH. Transparency is the main goal of this project.

Big Bonus

The First 100 buyers will receive a free limited time NFT drop to their wallets, and everyone else as well will win an extra NFT at the end of the contest. SoEvery Lucky Square token holder will be awarded a special NFT drop to their ETH wallets.

For more information and to purchase an NFT visit nyeluckysquares.com

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