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The placement of press releases is a traditional and established method of promotion, which allows you to declare yourself and your services to the widest possible mass of the audience. If earlier it was enough just to distribute the release, adding it to the maximum number of sites, now you should approach more professionally. Before thinking about placement in the media, you decided – why, do you need it?

Why do some companies manage to attract interest to their startups or products while others simply lose themselves in the network, remaining completely unnoticed? Let’s look into this area of ​​Internet marketing and PR in order to maximize the effect of the advertising and information company, learn how to manage the reputation on the Internet, and even fix it if necessary.

Goals and types of press releases

What is the purpose of pursuing? This should be considered in advance, used to attract people to the event, when you need not only to convey that the “event” will occur but to motivate the audience to visit it. If you are going to hold a conference, festival or exhibition, you need to invite people to bring the significance of the event. Such press releases bear the news character of the work. At the same time, the main focus is on large online media and journalists, who will “pick up” your news and help in its promotion. Information material can be dedicated to any event related to the activities of your company. Here the measure of success is the number of online media and blogs that will publish a press release. Also, don’t forget to consider targeted distribution. For instance if you are targeting India, then you must hire an Indian press release distribution service.

The most complex type is implementation, “leaning” on the results of the study. Unlike the ones discussed above, such a press release requires clear arguments and comparisons proving your advantage. The journalist writing the material needs to understand the essence of the subject, give concrete figures and facts. For the company engaged in construction, a good topic will be “Real Estate Market Analysis” in the region.

Complication and writing

Writing and design of press releases is a separate stage of the work, which is worthy of a separate discussion. In this paragraph we emphasize only the main details, besides, you came here on the issue of their placement, don’t worry we will get to it soon.

Firstly, the press release must pass through journalists, and only after that it will go to publication, so if you break the basic rules of writing, then the text is highly likely to be rejected. It is unlikely that you yourself will write, usually, it is included in the package of services of those PR agencies that are engaged in press release distribution, but knowing the correct structure will not hurt.


There is a saying that people are met by clothes, so the first impression of the article is given by the headline. It depends on him whether or not the person will start reading the contents. The most difficult thing is to achieve both emotionality and concreteness. Too provocative title, can cause the opposite effect – rejection, and too standard – will be boring. If the title caught attention, then consider that we coped with this point, go further.


Now, you need to keep the reader, in the first paragraph you do not need long greetings and introductions, it should contain the answers to the questions: What, When, Where, Who benefits?  That is, briefly state the whole point and win attention. According to the latest research on the behavior of network users, the decision to stay on the page or close it – is taken on average in less than one second, keep this in mind. This very first paragraph can play a crucial role in the success of your press release distribution in India.

The second and third paragraphs – tell the details without regretting the words, give up advertising constructions, “selling text” here is useless, describe the event in the usual language. In the case of the announcement of the concert, indicate everything up to the songs to be performed, if this conference is a short biography of all the speakers, the exhibition – list the participants and the conditions for obtaining a pass for the event. Do not forget to make a call to action if you need one.


Graphic component can be the logo of your organization, it will increase brand recognition and image. In analytical press releases, there may be several graphs and tables for better perception of information. For the event is the world of show business or cinematography – presentation, video trailer. The formatting of the text largely depends on the journalists themselves, and those or other publications, unfortunately among them there are those that simply copy the text without any bolding or alignment, and nothing can be done about it. Just in case, please provide your release in Microsoft word format, with pre-made accents.

The style of presentation should take into account the target audience, it’s one thing to write for girls in their teens who want to attend a concert of their favorite rock band, the other – writing for investors looking for profitable options for investing their money – is a tremendously different approach.


Be sure to indicate the contacts of the press service of your company, or PR-specialist. You can also post a link to the official website; it will benefit its promotion. Phone and address is not always needed. Add at your discretion the necessary information, share – specify the time, in general, summarize.

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