Podcasts Hit Facebook With A New Section On Pages




Podcasts hit Facebook with a new section on Pages. Facebook will activate podcasts to first users. It will allow you to trim audios and share them.

Facebook will join the podcast trend, with new tools and a new section that aims to attract creators who can easily share their content on the social network.

The development of this function is so advanced that the company is already advising some owners of Pages on Facebook that they will be able to activate it from June 22 ; although it is expected that initially only a portion of users will have access.

The creators of a Page will be able to associate the podcast that they are already broadcasting on other platforms, just by including the RSS link; thereafter, Facebook will automatically generate a new post for each new episode posted on the Creator Page.

The Pages will gain a new Podcasts tab, in which we can easily find them; The goal, according to the company’s email, is for Facebook to become a place where you can enjoy and discuss these episodes, and share them with your friends .

Therefore, it is a somewhat different strategy than services such as Spotify, which encourage the publication of podcasts on their own platform. At the moment, Facebook does not care if you useanother platform, and prefers to focus on promoting its publication on the social network.

A very attractive feature is the ability to create clips, or clippings, from podcasts ; These little bits of audio can be shared with our friends or groups. For example, we can cut a specific question from an interview, or a section that we liked.

They can have a maximum duration of one minute, and Facebook presents it as a way to increase visibility; not surprisingly, many podcasts gain audience thanks to moments that go viral. It’s something we’ve already seen on Twitch and recently, on YouTube; however, the creator can disable this functionality if they do not want to encourage these practices.

To this new commitment to podcasts we must add other functions based on audio, such as the rooms that imitate ClubHouse; recently, Spotify also launched its alternative to that app. Facebook also prepares a new type of publication, “Soundbites”, small audios that we can send to our followers, like those of WhatsApp.

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