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  • PopEx and Tileyard partner to mentor the next generation of music talent
  • November event to gather leading minds from industry, web3, venture capital and production
  • PopEx empowers artists to generate their own revenue through NFTs, fan experiences and even the sale of song-royalties through Web3 platform
  • Mark Hill and DJ KRYSTAL ROXX to perform at launch party

A pioneering partnership between leading digital collectibles platform PopEx and Tileyard London will support artists to harness the Web3 digital revolution sweeping the music industry – and take control over their work, career and income.

PopEx and Tileyard will bring together their vast experience as artists, producers, writers and music industry executives to mentor young people entering the industry so they may create meaningful and sustained careers in the business. 

PopEx and Tileyard share a long-standing commitment to nurturing the next generation of industry talent, helping them to navigate the well documented challenges artists face. 

One answer is for artists to create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other exclusive items and experiences. These allow for more authentic, genuine creative expression, making it easier for artists to change the game, step it up and realise their creative potential. For fans, it’s a way to own official, authenticated limited-edition work by their favourite artists, and even a stake in the artists’ royalties.  

“In many ways, artists have had to replace the commercial, creative and management support structures enjoyed by previous generations. There are enormous opportunities emerging from technologies like Web3 that will empower artists to create their own channels to generate revenue and forge meaningful connections with fans. In partnering with Tileyard in creating this education initiative we provide young people with mentoring from the world’s largest community of independent artists, creatives and businesses to unlock the power of Web3 to support their aspirations in the music industry.” 

Matt Bond, Founder PopEX

The NFT space can be challenging for both fans and artists to enter and navigate. But now, leading digital collectibles platform PopEx has teamed up with London-based creative community Tileyard London to share the knowledge artists need to benefit from the digital revolution of music, and empower them to create and share music in new ways.

Through their pioneering Web3 Education Initiative, PopEx and Tileyard will focus on showing young and emerging artists routes to commercialising their work through developing NFTs and Metaverse strategies. The programme starts with the basics, introducing Web3 and NFTs and busting the jargon and associated myths. It then goes on to explore opportunities in music and the future of fan engagement, provide practical advice on getting started, including minting processing and editing NFTs, and sharing success stories. Participants can also benefit from more traditional mentoring from practising artists and Web3 experts.

As well as helping new artists successfully break into the NFT space, the programme aims to create a lasting educational legacy for young people entering the music industry. It’s being run by a team of industry-leading Web3 innovators, investors and world-class artists, including musician, entrepreneur and PopEx founder, now CEO, Matt Bond, musician and trailblazing producer Mark Hill (The Original Artful Dodger), venture capital specialist Scott Collen, Web3 advisor and female tech icon Ioana Surpateanu, and Marta Galuszewska, winner of The Voice Poland and an early influential voice in the music NFT space.

The project kicks off in The Gallery at Tileyard Studios in London on the evening of  Wednesday 23 November with a panel discussion followed by an exclusive after-party with performances from Mark Hill (The Original Artful Dodger) and globetrotting superstar DJ, KRYSTAL ROXX.

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