Putin Is Gearing Up For A New Conflict




This is when, on the one hand, you sign agreements with Turkey and the UN to open Ukrainian ports to grain exports. At the same time, on the other, you launch «Caliber» missiles at the port of Odesa and order your media thugs to spread false information that Ukrainians themselves had fired at their strategic target.

Receiving from the UN only a meaningless response with vague content regarding the general condemnation of shelling at the same time but not Russia, which is responsible for these assaults. Sincere to say, Putin is adept at promoting his own narratives.

Utilizing both a developed network of Russian agents, which are widely incorporated into all international institutions, from the UN to the IAEA, which has yet to recognize the seizure of the Zaporizhzhya NPP as an act of nuclear terrorism, and a not less developed network of foreign officials and politicians who Russia has given financial support.

The former German Chancellor Schröder, who spent his vacation in Moscow, the national capital of the nation, sparked the current European conflict. Furthermore, it is untrue that “money does not smell.” Money from Russia now smells, and it’s not their “wooden” rubles; it’s actual dollars and euros. It was soaked in the blood of Ukrainians slaughtered by Russians. Simply put, this fact stops not everybody.

What action is Putin planning to take next? Russia is getting ready to formally recognize its takeover of the Ukrainian territory it has conquered. It is also known as annexation on occasion. Naturally, there is not much of a stir when Russian flags are raised, and the Soviet-Russian national anthem is played in towns that have been conquered in Ukraine.

Such acts of vandalism against international law and all post-war treaties between nations typically occur in front of several local traitors, including accomplices, Moscow representatives, and a dozen persons in their retirement years. Putin, though, is no longer concerned with the image.

Putin intends to achieve his goal of “joining” Russian territory with Ukrainian territory in line with a scenario akin to the Crimean one.

The Kremlin, therefore, wants to inform the West that the war has a new meaning as of this point forward. Russian troop concentrations, command centers, and ammunition storage facilities on the territory—which is regarded as a part of the Russian Federation in Russia—will come under fire from American “Himars.”

At the same time, the pro-Russian lobby in the West will carry out its mandate by cutting off aid to Ukraine and spreading myths about how NATO and Russia cannot engage in direct conflict because of the flow of weapons and the shelling of targets on territory that Russia recognizes as its own.

There will be a continuance of the Kremlin’s evil alliance. Now, a cease-fire on Putin’s conditions is required by his troops. In this situation, Russian occupying forces are not fired upon yet can still launch missiles at any target in Ukraine. Putin isn’t legally breaking any laws, so the UN hasn’t responded much.

The “Peace of Versailles” will be similar to this “truce.” After its signing, the seasoned French Marshal Foch declared: “This is not peace. This 20-year ceasefire is in effect. However, there won’t be 20 years in our situation. Consider this: according to analytical institutions, such as British intelligence, 85 percent of Russia’s troops have already been engaged in hostilities in Ukraine, according to CNN.

The Russians require time to rest, reorganize, mobilize (covertly or overtly), organize the mobilized, train them, and repair their equipment. Putin is attempting to agree with Erdogan of Turkey about developing a Bayraktar facility in Russia.

When hostile situations arise, building the plant will take more than one day, even more quickly. Putin, therefore, operates from a rather afar vantage point.

Moving “Bayraktars” manufacture to Russia would be a massive betrayal. But I sincerely hope that the Turkish president never visits it. And not just because he is aware of the dangers to Ukraine. Additionally, he is mindful of Turkey’s threats. In the shape of a direct clash with Russia in the Black Sea and the Karabakh region in the event of Putin’s move into new territory in Ukraine.

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