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Gone are the days when PR was a meticulous job of pursuing journalists all day long to get your brand’s voice heard. In this age of social media, PR and marketing have taken a total 360-degree turn and who knows this better than the dynamic youth of today? 

Every business owner knows that their brand is a machine run by its people and that holds true for QuickPR too. Here’s what the QuickPR team guarantees you with their skills and experience:

You always know what you’re getting with QuickPR. There are no unexpected charges or hidden fees. 

Only the industry’s top PR digital agencies work with QuickPR. All of their partners have undergone thorough screening to ensure they meet our high standards.

In addition to media relations and influencer relations, QuickPR also provides content marketing, social media marketing, and other services.

Their brilliant team of skilled professionals is ready to help you with your PR and digital marketing needs. They collaborate with a network of more than 5,000 media outlets.

QuckPR is a multi-specialist, full-service company that provides services to over 500 retained clients in 40 Indian cities. Some of the biggest businesses, and conglomerates, are among the clientele, along with many brilliant, young start-ups and unicorns.

They have a history of successfully completing challenging and difficult PR briefs, which are often marked by high stakes, a sense of urgency, and ambiguity.


QuickPR’s Work Process:

To help businesses get the support they need to grow, QuickPR links them up with vetted PR and digital service providers.

Here’s how it works: You start by searching for the help you need. This could involve anything from creating a website to developing a social media strategy. Then, you can choose from a variety of budgets and services thanks to our network of PR and digital service providers.


About QuickPR:

QuickPR is the first PR and digital services marketplace in the world. With just the press of a button, they provide a broad range of digital and PR services. You can be certain that you’re always getting the best service because we partner with a group of vetted service providers.

QuickPR eliminates the need to deal with different agencies or contract negotiations.

They provide a simple, hassle-free method for you to get the PR and digital services you require. 

About the author, Sam Allcock

Sam has industry-leading expertise in online PR, social strategy, e-commerce and news websites.

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