Sorare Expands Its NFTs In Latin American Soccer




Sorare expands its NFTs in Latin American soccer with new club from Argentina.

The fantasy football platform Sorare continues to expand in Latin America, with the arrival of a new Argentine club to its NFT collectibles system based on the Ethereum blockchain: Rosario Central.

This new addition to Sorare’s fantasy football was announced this Tuesday, May 11 by the company itself.

The Rosario team is the fourth Argentine club that has non-fungible tokens (NFT) in Sorare . Before his arrival, the NFT soccer market was licensed by River Plate, Gimnasia y Esgrima La Plata and Racing Club , as reported by CriptoNoticias.

With their arrival in Sorare, fans will be able to collect cards from the Rosario Central players. In addition, they will have the possibility to use them in tournaments, during which the performance of the players in real matches will generate the score in fantasy football .

Sorare users also have access to a card market, where they can buy new players or sell their own cards. The only limitation is that the cards that can be sold are the “uncommon ones”. In other words, the most exclusive are those that enter the sale and purchase market .

With over 130 licensed clubs, especially from European and Asian leagues , Sorare has been expanding his reach in Latin American soccer recently. In addition to the other Argentine clubs, they already have the first Brazilian team, Atlético Mineiro , and clubs from the Mexican league.

Sorare’s growth in the NFT market
The soccer collectibles market on the Ethereum blockchain has seen remarkable growth, as has the NFTs of all kinds itself. With nearly $ 70 million in historical trading volume, Sorare is in the top 5 NFT platforms, according to data from DappRadar .

Sorare has had more than 3,400 active users in the last 30 days, during which more than 82,000 transactions have been made for a figure over 14 million dollars .

The possibility of making money while participating in soccer competitions in Sorare has been demonstrated not only with those statistics, but with the record amount of almost $ 300,000 that a user paid for a Cristiano Ronaldo card , as reported by CriptoNoticias.

Sorare’s investors include investment funds and soccer personalities, such as players Gerard Piqué and Antoine Griezmann; as well as ex-footballers Rio Ferdinand, Oliver Bierhoff and André Schurrle.

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