The Metaverse Game(Taunt Battleworld) Is Going To Launch Black Magic NFT Collection




The Taunt Battle world is the best digital collectable combat game for the metaverse. Taunt Battleworld’s immersive social platform enables users to compete in free-to-play and esports events while also taking advantage of player-owned assets.

On January 14, 2023, the fighting game for the metaverse (Taunt Battleworld) will debut its upcoming NFT collection, the Black Magic Collection, only on Magic Eden. These NFTs, which provide player-owned assets and multiple live events, are perfect for gamers and fans interested in the fighting game genre.

With the play-to-earn blockchain gaming trend currently in vogue, players are flocking to join some of the most lucrative games. These platforms could be more user-friendly, and most charge players a lot of money to buy in-game items so they can play the game.

Because most players can’t buy these items, this circumstance negatively influences audience engagement. It’s interesting to note that Taunt Battleworld offers to compensate players for even the most fundamental type of engagement, which is only watching others play.

These NFTs are perfect for gamers and gaming enthusiasts who enjoy the fighting game genre, which includes player-owned assets and several live tournaments. All combatants will also be equipped with a decentralised AI system called Brain from Altered State Machine. 

The AI NFTs known as ASM Brains will power future game features, including training, personality, and breeding. The Black Magic Collection caters to native crypto enthusiasts who want to actively support emerging, sophisticated, and creative initiatives in addition to gamers and enthusiasts.

Do You Know About Black Magic NFT Collection?

For January 14, 2023, Polygon launch of Magic Eden—the premier cross-chain NFT platform—The Black Magic Collection was chosen as one of the first seven gaming launch projects. 

The Taunt Battleworld video game universe features 1500 digital items that are all playable characters in the NFT collection.

The Black Magic NFT warriors, which aim to replicate the thrills and excitement of UFC in the metaverse, include well-known combat sports competitors like Andy Ruiz Jr., Cris Cyborg, and unbeaten boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. 

Fighters from NFT communities like Super Yeti, Mad Rabbits Riot Club, and Decentral Games Ice Poker are among the other warriors.

Taunt Battleworld will release a native in-game utility token named $TAUNT. $TAUNT will launch in Q1 of 2023, letting gamers fully experience the Taunt Battleworld ecosystem, and it will power the ecosystem’s gaming experience within the constraints of blockchain gaming and web 3.0.

From January 11 through January 18, crypto-native audiences may vote for Taunt Battleword to be listed on the leading decentralised launchpad DAOmaker and win a free airdrop of $TAUNT.

When the Black Magic Collection is released on January 14, 2023, sign up for the allowlist to receive free and mint rewards. Find out more about the $TAUNT token’s ability to drive this cutting-edge gaming environment. Come here to play for nothing.


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