To Earn Crypto Presale Of 2023: Fight Out Raises Nearly $3 Million




With its Move-to-Earn program, Fight Out encourages users to maintain a healthy lifestyle by rewarding them for completing daily exercises and in-app fitness challenges.

Many traders are looking for a $FGHT price prediction as interest in the Fight Out initiative grows. We’ll go further into Fight Out’s operations in this article, going through its advantages and disadvantages. This guide will also include a price prediction for the product for the years 2023 to 2030.

With only six days left until the presale price increases, investors scramble to get the presale tokens of the ground-breaking new move-to-earn (M2E) cryptocurrency start-up FightOut. 

Move-to-earn is a subset of cryptocurrency platforms with a fitness/lifestyle focus that allows users to earn money by completing movement-based challenges and tournaments.

With its FGHT tokens presently trading for 0.0166 USDT apiece, FightOut has raised an incredible little shy of $3 million in only a few short weeks. The FGHT coin will drive the web3 fitness ecosystem for FightOut.

On the other hand, the price of FGHT will start to increase in a little more than six days and finally increase to 0.0333 on March 31. FightOut has established a $15 million hard cap for its presale, which means that if it is met before March 31, the presale will conclude early.

At a price of 0.0333 USDT, FGHT will then launch on exchanges in April. As a result, before the price of FGHT rises in six days, those who buy now will have at least a 100% paper gain when the token lists. FightOut already has listings with BitForex and LBank Exchange.

But because of FightOut’s hefty presale incentive plan, paper gains can be considerably higher at the time of the listing. According to the size of their initial investment, investors might receive up to 25% more FGHT tokens. 

Depending on how long they decide to vest the tokens, they may then receive an extra 25% in FGHT tokens. However, the paper profits can be substantially higher by the time of the listing due to FightOut’s hefty presale bonus program. 

In fact, investors may receive up to 25% more FGHT tokens based on the size of their initial investment. Depending on how long they decide to let the FGHT tokens vest, they may then get up to another 25% in extra FGHT tokens.

The smartphone application that will be at the heart of FightOut’s digital ecosystem is expected to debut in Q2 2023, as stated in the company’s whitepaper. The FightOut app will track and quantify physical performance using wearable and smartphone technologies.

Through this method, the FightOut app and ecosystem users can create their own soul-bound token avatars and participate in the FightOut metaverse. The FightOut app and ecosystem will operate on a tokenised economy where users may get rewards for doing M2E tasks.

Users may earn prizes for doing M2E activities and even mint their own soul-bound token avatar, via which they can engage with the FightOut metaverse in the tokenised economy that powers the FightOut app and ecosystem.

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