To find the few sites which are specialized towards Altcoin, we have written a guide to the best Altcoin exchange. And their features are very distinct in different ways. Based on which functions are crucial to your trading practices, you need to select a comfortable broker. Differences refer to the variety of mentioned altcoins, whether they accept fiat capital to purchase an altcoin with USD or if they only endorse Bitcoin/altcoin investments.

Altcoin exchange

Are you looking for currency pairings other than BTC-such as ETH or USD? Will you like to sell on the margin? What are the fees for trading? Let’s take a peek at the best Altcoin exchange currently offered:


  1. YOBIT
  3. CEX.IO
  6. FAQ’s


YoBit Exchange has a very strong performance history and hasn’t been the target of a breach. The corporation seems to be doing trade since 2014 and is centered in Panama. The platform was established by Russian Devs and was a professional in the development of crypto exchanges. As digital currencies began to attract further popularity, YoBit had become a worldwide leader in the industry. YoBit makes it easier to work with a crypto exchange by having a simple interface and a very stable forum for traders. Obit’s online crypto platform allows traders to buy and sell a wide variety of virtual coins. Popular currencies including Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) are on the chart, alongside dozens of other rarer altcoins.

Like most exchanges, YoBit is easy to use and secure to use. Payment or conversion of assets to an account is simple. Simple name, address, and code details will get you going with a trade. So many financial institutions abuse the confidentiality privileges of their customers by the use of KYC protocols as a cryptocurrency trading platform that cares about the interests of its customers, YoBit would not ask you for a lot of details and you can transact freely without any KYC tests.


HitBTC is a Europe-focused cryptocurrency marketplace that launched in 2013 and is now owned by Hit Tech limited, headquartered in Chicago. Apart from its name, which includes the shortened BTC (Bitcoin) in it, HitBTC is simply a multi-currency network rather than a bitcoin-oriented network. It embraces upwards of 400 virtual currencies, including all big crypto properties. HitBTC has a range of positive features, one is an API that third entities could use on their websites; however, it is limited as it does not have a specific smartphone app. Not many platforms, however bigger ones like Coinbase are, we guess HitBtc is shutting down on that market. The lack of an interface makes the user-base small, with users either needing to use their phone operating systems or their laptop to reach the website. The HitBTC exchange funds and embraces Fiat currencies to purchase cryptocurrencies.

HitBTC Platform does not have a minimum balance, which ensures that you will start dealing on small sums before you become more secure. Low fees are a big advantage of using HitBTC. Payment and selling costs are 0.1 percent, which is far smaller than that expected for some other exchanges. HitBTC offers a forum for the exchanging of government-issued assets for cryptocurrencies. It offers several conventional currency exchanges for cryptocurrency combinations and cryptocurrency for cryptocurrency pairs. This would draw crypto traders for the first time, so they can quickly turn fiat into cryptocurrency.

HitBTC has more than 400 cryptocurrencies authorized for dealing This massive variety makes it one platform for all, it’s going to have all the biggest players; bitcoin, Ethereum, etc., and even loads of new and coming currencies; reddcoin, golem, etc. HitBTC authentication is seamless and quick. All you need to do is register your username, enter a solid code, and within moments you would get a security code or connection sent to your inbox.


The Coin Market Cap website lists CEX.IO at 132 out of 387 for cryptocurrency platforms in the context of web traffic. CEX.IO has established a strong customer base since it was created by Oleksandr Lutskevych in 2013. CEX.IO offers an exchange site where customers can purchase Bitcoin and other virtual money using different payment mechanisms in a few fast steps. In contrast, CEX.IO provides brokerage platforms that allow cryptocurrency margin trading, meaning traders have the option to optimize their future assets and liabilities.

CEX.IO offers functionality for cryptocurrency purchase/selling services, exchange services, scoping, and lending. One would assume that such a large variety of resources might create a cramped app. On the opposite, the CEX.IO design is a conceptually built and easy to use Altcoin exchange. There are four forms of profiles open to you when you log in with CEX.IO. The basic account makes transfers without stringent customer-knowledge (KYC) rules, but this also causes reduced transaction caps. CEX.IO limits payments through Bitcoin for standard accounts to $400 a day and $2,000 per month.

The maximum account that can be kept with CEX.IO is a company, individual or organizational account. This profile does not have a spending cap on any cryptocurrency on sale. Besides, the consumer can get any of the payment systems provided to complete the payment. As per its websites, CEX.IO runs in 99 percent of all countries around the world. The company functions by three independent entities, the governing body of which is based in London, United Kingdom. Over 3 million consumers trust CEX.IO and the company functions with the permission of some of the world’s most respected regulatory bodies.


Binance has been the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange in terms of market capitalization. The platform was established in July 2017 by Changpeng Zhao, a Chinese programmer who set up high-frequency financial models for traders. The company was initially based in China but later shifted its procurement center to Japan owing to the Chinese government’s hostile position on cryptocurrencies. Through more than 15 million subscribers, Binance currently works in more than 180 countries and nations around the globe This famous exchange is also consistent with the leading regulatory agencies.

Binance’s design is among the finest of functionality. An app with so many advanced resources and data maps can be frustrating for users and daunting for newcomers. Binance insists on the architecture of the platform to be easily understandable. Users will buy cryptocurrencies directly after signing in. This can be achieved by a variety of methods, including money transfer, P2P transaction, credit/debit card payment, or through money currently stored in your Binance profile.

As being one of the biggest digital currency markets in the world, Binance is also regarded to be among the safest, and so is a great Altcoin exchange. The platform considers the safety and confidentiality of its clients very strongly and has put in place a range of safety tools and procedures to maintain complete security. Binance requires no premiums for deposits that offer it a competitive advantage. It also has the distinctive benefit of charging relatively smaller trading rates. There is a detailed help desk support section integrated into the Binance system, as well as an extensive review of FAQs. If you have any unique questions or problems, it is worth testing these tools first, since many users resolve this issue there.


Coinbase is the very first cryptocurrency exchange providing stability and competence in the crypto sector. The platform started in June 2012 and is the crown jewel of Brian Armstrong and Fred Ehrsam. In regards to offering a stable crypto trading network that is also regulatory-compliant, Coinbase provides crypto ownership solutions to organizations, Coinbase portfolios to people, and new virtual money targeted at confidentiality seekers. Coinbase also provides Coinbase Pro, a forum where rich individuals and organizations can exchange digital properties. Coinbase Pro offers guarantees on all the assets traded, making the site stable. 

Coinbase stands out not just for its functional user experience, as well as for many other factors such as stability, profitability, and conventional fees. Coinbase was the very first cryptocurrency platform to take on conventional virtual currencies by acquiring a regulatory node in the US, which also was its main market. In 2017, the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) approved Coinbase to provide cryptocurrency trading facilities to New York-based clients. 

Coinbase provides fiat wallets to allow quicker payment speed for its Altcoin exchange users. Even so, you have an option of investing in your bank account when what you want is to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies. For all of those willing to participate in using the Coinbase Fiat wallet, you can transfer payments from either of the methods of payment provided. This includes SEPA, ACH money transfer scheme, card payments, and funding for numerous domestic and foreign banks.



According to eToro’s analysis, Ethereum is the best trading altcoin in 2020 which has great potential in the upcoming future.


The most profitable altcoin to mine right now is GRIN or ZCASH. 


Investment appeal, the expense of processing coins-a consideration that continuously influences the profit margin of the currency and the number of tokens that can be mined.