In these Cryptocurrency Trading Guides let first get back to basics. Bitcoin was one of the first Cryptocurrency developed in 2009 as a form of digital money that its unknown creator labels a peer-to-peer virtual monetary mechanism with decentralized government power. Currently, hundreds of virtual currencies are accessible, such as Ethereum, Altcoins, and Dash, with the list increasing exponentially. What makes Cryptocurrency so interesting is its innovative nature and a sharp increase in valuation that made some holders, billionaires in a very short period of time.

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Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency Trading

So let’s have a look at what Cryptocurrencies are, why they’re so common, and how you can exchange them.

beginners guide to cryptocurrency trading


A cryptocurrency is a form of electronic or automated currency that uses ‘encryption’ strategies to control its availability, to help conceal its movement among entities, and to which there is no centralized authority. We have written this beginners guide to cryptocurrency trading as it can sometimes be a little hard to grasp at first, but also still look at the individual cryptocurrency trading guides to drill down for more information.

It is because of this ‘encryption’ that this virtual money gets its name-‘Crypto’ currency-and is what renders it more revolutionary in contrast to existing types of currency such as Swiss Francs or the US Dollar.

The main distinctions between cryptocurrency and standard currency are:  

  • Virtual only:

Unlike actual cash that you can hold in your wallet, Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Litecoin are only accessible in electronic format.

  • Encryption Techniques:

As described above, the main function of Cryptocurrencies is their encryption to monitor payments and regulate their distribution.

  • Decentralized technology:

Decentralized: possibly one of the very enticing aspects of digital currency is the fact that Cryptocurrencies trade ownership on a solely peer-to-peer transaction, i.e., person-to-person grounds, with no need for a third entity among them, such as a corporation. In this way, it is deemed economical to transfer cash to a peer than conventional ways of money transfer by a 3rd person. This decentralized function was among the major elements in the rapid growth in popularity of Cryptocurrencies and is believed to be reportedly used on the black market for currency transactions such as money laundering or terrorist activity.

  • What is Blockchain?:

Owing to its decentralized existence, Cryptocurrencies use a collective digital database to register transfers known as Blockchain. The blockchain is crucial to the effective execution and security of the entire Cryptocurrency network since it is the only active database for Cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • No monetary authority & circulation:

Typically, the supply of money is controlled by a central financial institution, such as the Bank of England or the US Banking System. There is no such banking system for Cryptocurrencies. Instead, some Coins have small stocks, such as Bitcoin. Bitcoin has a limited quantity of 21m by 2140, and presently there are 16.5m in existence. The way a consumer will build Bitcoin is through a strategy called mining, which is simply the answer to a massively complicated mathematical formula. Early fans in Bitcoin were compensated with an extra 50 Bitcoins to effectively mine them, thereby incentivizing the production process. Over time, the statistical equation is getting more and more complicated, dramatically diminishing availability and, in essence, controlling the demand.


If you are wanting an understanding of what trading is and how you might start to use the various platform then we hope these Cryptocurrency Trading Guides have been useful ! If you’ve read this article from beginning to end, you will then have a clear idea of what crypto trading is, the distinction between short-term and long-term dealing, and some crucial points to know before you get started. Not only that you know the risks and dangers you should look out for before starting crypto trade and also the related necessary things. Please note, you can always talk to a financial planner before you make any purchases and always do your analysis.