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How fast is your turn around time?

If you’ve sent us an existing PR or article then if your content is urgent we can start publishing your content across a number of languages in a matter of hours.

Do you offer guaranteed success?

Yes. We can offer you guaranteed results and placements unlike other services. We work closely and partner with a number of websites to give us exclusive access to publishing your PRs.

Do you only offer PRs

No. We offer a range of crypto marketing services including promotional listings on tables, promotions on telegram crypto investor channels, interviews, features, connecting you with other websites and more. We can also provide Youtube/design services if and when needed on the fly.

Why should I trust you?

We have worked with a number of brands and can send you proof of our results if you ask. We also upload our latest news and success stories so that you can see what you get. Finally, partners with leading crypto media networks and sites to guarantee you placements on major news portals.

What's the difference between this and other PR newswire services?

We’re not just an automated PR newswire service. We provide unique, curated content that matches your needs and gets guaranteed placement on major crypto news sites and brands. We can also provide this service across 5+ languages and major geos. We’re also far more flexible in our services and can provide a fully tailored crypto marketing agency service depending on your needs.

What languages/countries do you provide PRs in?

We can translate, write-up and provide PRs and guaranteed promotion for your brand in the following languages and markets:

– English
– German
– French
– Spanish
– Arabic
– Norwegian
– Finnish
– Danish
– Italian

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