15 Hardest Phrases Of Leaked Audios Of Florentino Pérez At Mark1199



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15 Hardest Phrases Of Leaked Audios Of Florentino Pérez At Mark1199. In recent days, numerous audios rescued from private conversations of the president of Real Madrid, Florentino Pérez , have been leaked , the majority corresponding to 2006 and 2008, in which he attacks white club players and several regular journalists of the Madrid information.

Florentino Pérez also ‘raja’ from Quinta del Buitre and Míchel: “He’s a scammer, he’s a terrible coach”
Harsh words from the top president of Real Madrid that have seen the light through ‘El Confidencial’, given by José Antonio Abellán, whom Florentino will sue for considering that they violate his right to honor. We rescued some of the harshest phrases of the president against former players like Casillas, Raúl or Ronaldo.

The 15 hardest phrases of Florentino’s audios

  1. “The two great scams of Madrid are first Raúl and second Casillas”.
  2. “Casillas … Poor man, he doesn’t have two fingers in front. Don’t worry. I know him perfectly well. He’s a guy without any … Come on, he’s very short.
  3. “Cristiano Ronaldo is crazy. This guy is an idiot, a sick man. You think this guy is normal, but he’s not normal, otherwise, he wouldn’t do all the things he does.”
  4. “Cristiano and Mourinho are two abnormal (…) Also, with that face that they have, with that defiant way, they dislike everyone.”
  5. “Coentrao is tolili. He’s another who doesn’t have a head and Madrid eats those guys. Right now he’s shitted and Mourinho is an idiot.”
  6. “Raúl is a negative uncle, he is destroying Madrid, the morale of the players so that they say: ‘It is Madrid that is bad, not Raúl’. It is terrible how bad the boy is.”
  7. “Vicente del Bosque neither knows how to train nor knows about tactics. He’s a chump.”
  8. “They don’t offer him a job because everyone knows he’s not a coach. The Del Bosque thing is the biggest lie I’ve seen in my life.
  9. “Figo arrived and became a close friend of Raúl and between the two of them, with Hierro, they administered the squad. Poor Vicente (Del Bosque), if Vicente didn’t paint anything.”
  10. “Casillas is like a little boy, he’s like a lapdog, he’s like a puppet, a childish thing.”
  11. “Zidane is a magnificent guy. And Beckham and Ronaldo, right? But then there are those who think that … Let’s see. Ronaldo is an ass, period. Besides, these are all great. They are bad. .. “.
  12. “I have a horrible concept of the players, male, horrible, horrible. Look, I have seen groups, but I have never seen one like that of footballers.”
  13. “Those from Prisa are as they are … sons of bitches. But not now. Now they are victims and they are resentful and want to kill them.”
  14. “What Marca has done is unworthy and miserable. And what Televisión Española has done while being public …”.
  15. “Inda has considered himself an important uncle. If he’s crazy. The only thing he likes is to appear ‘. Hey, he’s the director (of Marca) for Antonio (Ferreras) and for me, we put pressure on Pedro J” .

15 Hardest Phrases Of Leaked Audios Of Florentino Pérez At Mark1199

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