A New Game And Its Mechanism For Making Money




Have you heard of a game where you may get paid to play? Does this kind of game actually exist? Of course, I say. Calvaria, commonly known as the New Play-to-Earn Crypto Game, is a game. You may enjoy yourself while playing the game and win real prizes.


The project, which has already made close to $2 million in its RIA token presale, is receiving a lot of attention in the cryptocurrency market as one of the top crypto gaming ventures because it attempts to attract casual and traditional gamers to the blockchain.


What Are The Battles Of Eternity All About?


We’ll talk about the Duels of Eternity here and inform you of everything. In the afterlife, players construct their decks and use NFT cards in the battle-card strategy game known as Calvaria’s flagship to overcome opponents in one-on-one matches.


Players select one of three competing warring factions—each with distinct benefits and characteristics—and use their decks, know-how, skills, and power-ups to beat their adversaries.


eRia tokens, a second token in the ecosystem, are awarded to P2E game winners. These tokens may be used to upgrade decks or buy extras like upgrades and boosters. Additionally, Calvaria will host competitions with even higher rewards.


The NFT cards are entirely controlled by the game’s participants, who can also sell them on the open market. It’s fantastic that Calvaria includes a single-player campaign mode in addition to player vs. player.


As the mythology of the Calvaria world is developed, the story mode will also allow players to acquire cards and other items that may be utilized in other game types.


The game, which has just 3D characters, will also be playable on mobile devices. iOS or Android users can download it.


Duels of Eternity will employ a seasonal approach to ensure the game’s long-term development, much like Web2 favorites like Fortnite and Apex Legends.


Seasonal and new cards have been released, and the eSports team will also participate in the tournament. For Q4 2023, the game has also developed real-world virtual functionality. The gamers might generate passive money at the same time.


Free-To-Play Version(Calvaria’s main feature)


The Free-To-Play version of the game is one of Calvaria’s key features. The game is the same throughout, except there are no tournament prizes for the players.


According to other initiatives, this is being done since switching to the blockchain would be too expensive and require too much technical knowledge for many gamers. The developers hope this will draw new and casual users to the blockchain.


Both limitations are removed from the F2P version, allowing interested players to play the whole game for free.


Due to the game’s strength, Calvaria is certain that players will gravitate toward the P2E version.


You may view the tracker to see how much money you have won in the P2E edition. The Calvaria game also includes a visual tracker.


You’ll also respond to the gamified questions, and users may quickly get money. So you may have fun and earn prizes by playing the Calvaria game.

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