Augeo Paul Based Leader Will Launch Heaps (Rewards And Loyalty) Program Likely On June 1




Augeo, who is the St. Paul-based leader in giving enterprises an extensive loyalty and engagement platform, will introduce a brand new program that can allow the participants to exchange their cash back awards and points for cryptocurrency.

The new program is named Heaps, which participates with the Prime Trust that is Las Vegas-based. This firm provides financial services, and it offers financial underpinnings for digital asset and fintech companies.

In an interview, Peter Schultze Augeo, who is the Crypto Loyalty vice president, “We really think that points can play a key role in creating the initial foray and opportunity to learn and enter the crypto space.” He further said Heaps makes it easy for users to buy crypto with points or cash, store digital assets in a secure wallet, track portfolio assets in a secure wallet, track portfolio performance, and learn about crypto investing. “

The Heaps program is going to be a standalone cryptocurrency platform. But there are chances that it will incorporate the rewards and loyalty programs from Augeo or any others. Heaps will allow customers to redeem their cash-back awards and points for cryptocurrency and permit them to go other ways to buy cryptocurrencies via this platform. The program’s subsequent phases may likely introduce NFTs to the options. Regarding the program’s launching, predictions are that it will officially be established on June 1 or maybe before.

Some people still find it challenging to comprehend cryptocurrency, so it is imperative to mention the basic definition here. Cryptocurrency is the virtual or digital type of money that any government does not support but depends on blockchain technology. So, this technology prevents counterfeiting, records transactions, and figures out currencies’ values.

A large number of cryptocurrencies have been introduced. Still, if we mainly talk about the Heaps, it will work with approximately five or ten famous cryptocurrencies, and the list includes Bitcoin and Ethereum, according to Schultze.

Firms like to utilize reward and loyalty programs because they drive customers’ engagement with their brands and can increase sales. Multiple other companies have already incorporated virtual currency into their reward and loyalty programs.

The Heap programs will assist their customers to comprehend the cryptocurrency investment by watching the tutorials provided by the platform. Furthermore, it also provides their clients a platform where they have the opportunity to earn some additional awards of crypto that are made through approximately more than 30,000 national, local or online merchants, or there is another option of direct purchases.

Such activities will surely lend a helping hand in enhancing the trust of users in crypto. Furthermore, this initiative by Heaps will also contribute majorly to making people familiar with crypto and understanding the method of investment in it. Other companies will be likely to follow the footprints of the Heaps reward and loyalty program.

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