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Why Crypto-currency Trading is So Hype

Seems that we hear the word “Crypto” from every corner; everyone understands that it means money, but not so many people understand the process of origin, trade, the transformation of this very cryptocurrency. And meanwhile, a business based on crypto trading is becoming increasingly popular and is gaining ground in Internet venues, exchanges, as well as in mobile applications.

What makes this topic interesting in the first place is that there is a lot of money to be made. Cryptocurrencies are the first market where there is virtually no institutional capital, which in turn generates volatility. Private investors have a higher rate of return on capital, the terms of capital placement are shorter, and the competence of participants is lower, which also generates excitement as a result.

Why Cryptocurrency Trading Needs Mobile Apps

Many apps have emerged as a response to the rise in the popularity of cryptocurrencies by trading venues. The growth itself was in part a result of the dropping worldwide restrictions on the use of cryptocurrency. The rapid growth of users has led to the creation of apps for the crypto trading market.

First and foremost, a mobile app makes the trader more agile. In addition, mobile apps have many features that are useful, such as push-up messages, notifications, newsletters to the phone, etc. This allows the trader to be aware of everything, without having to log in to the stock market every time.

In addition, a mobile app for cryptocurrency trading allows the process to be fully automated. The user sets goals that can be easily handled by the AI involved in the app.

Crypto Trading Apps that have been successful so far

Binance – the service combines several technology companies and provides more than 150 cryptocurrencies for cryptocurrency exchanges. It has convenient settings, a wallet, dynamic price charts, and other tools for more convenient trading, a recurring purchase option that allows the user to see how often he buys cryptocurrency.

Coinbase – allows you to trade for more than 20 types of cryptocurrencies. The security level of the site is very high. A simple and easy-to-use dashboard gives you real-time access to your account. Users can trade and track all industry-related news.

BISON- leverages an artificial intelligence-based analytical tool called Cryptoradar to determine market sentiment. It identifies trends in bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple.

KuCoin is completely user-centric, offering 24/7 support, stable service, a high-performance engine, and a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

How to create your app for cryptocurrency trading

If your goal is to create or find app developers to create your mobile app for cryptocurrency trading, first of all, decide on its type and niche. It can be a cryptocurrency wallet or an exchange. Maybe you are interested in the marketplace or you have your unique idea and professional development team, then first of all pay attention to the following parameters:


Since the trading application will be related to the user’s data, it is important to keep it completely secure. You can implement two-factor authentication, scanners, multi-signatures, etc. The higher the level of security is, the more trust customers have.

User experience

Easy and intuitive operation is a must. Don’t make it more complicated than Google Pay.

Analytical tools

Since the industry involves processing a lot of data, implement analytical tools. Exchange rates, trading strategies, their quality, and quantity should not be less than that of similar exchanges.

Additional features

Since we are talking about mobile applications, their obvious functions will not be superfluous, but on the contrary, they are an advantage. Push notifications, integrations with third-party platforms useful for traders and investors are a must.

Trading pairs quantity

To meet the needs of users, it is necessary to connect to an external liquidity pool. The more trading pairs, the better. Don’t forget to filter new coins, they can be scams.

Trading panel

Fast and convenient transactions, instant account verification and management, and QR-code generation are important for users.

Automated processes

Implement automated processes, especially for price optimization, because seeing how fast the value of cryptocurrencies changes still leaves investors stressed.


At this point, the app developers should actively get involved, because there is a large number of people willing and ready to immerse themselves in the process, which means there is a huge field for the development of the mobile application market.

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