Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Hash Watch Several Miners Signal BCHN, Coinex Exchange Declares Fates




According to Coin Dance statistics, most of the blocks are mined using BCHN. An estimated value mined using BCHN is the last 612 blocks or more than 61% of the previous 1000 blocks.

Furthermore, it is shown from the data that 82% of Bitcoin hash power is signalling BCHN. It is due to the signalling that is started from the prominent miners and Antpool.

The bitcoin cash (BCH) followers are waiting as there are 53 days left until the Bitcoin Cash upgrade on November 15. It was stated last month that there is a high probability of splitting the BHC blockchain into two networks.

Our newsdesk at that time gives a detailed report on how prominent members of the BCH community quit using Bitcoin ABC developers. And how they started signalling the node BCHN.The data received from coin dance says that 61.19% of the last 1000 blocks were mined using Bitcoin Cash Node (BCHN) software.

Presently, coin dance statistics showed that in the last 1000 blocks, 612 are mined using BCHN full node software. Two new pools also started signalling BCHN near the end of September as and Antpool started signalling BCHN. It means that 82% of the entire BCH hashrate is currently signalling BCHN.

Through the previous 12 hours, about 2.6 exahash per second (EH/s) of hashrate has been directed at the BCH (Bitcoin Cash) chain. Moreover, the trading platform Coinex showed possibility strategies for the upcoming upgrade, as the statement mentions the chance of a network split.

Coinex also proclaimed the overview of futures scheduled to drop on September 24. Bitcoin Cash fans will also be waiting for other arguments to disclose possibility plans as well as from now on.

The outlooks recorded on the crypto trading platform Coinflex display ABC against BCH prospects are still 10-to-1 in favour of BCH. BCH followers on the Reddit forum r/BTC discussed the variations while BCHN blocks traversed the 60% range.

Several of them expected an increase in BCHN-mined blocks in the upcoming few weeks. “Meanwhile Antpool just joined with 20% of the hashrate, the seven day regular should reach 75% in five or six days,” one Redditor noted.

Publication on Preparations of Coming BCH Fork & Introduction of Forked Coins Upcoming Markets:

As per the schedule, the BCH network will undergo an upgrade on November 15. In this upgrade, the Bitcoin ABC team is going to announce new Coinbase rules. According to these rules, 8% of the total block rewards will give to the developers to support the substructure building of BCH. It is named as an infrastructure Funding Plan (IFP).

The proposal has sparked a hot debate in the BCH community. The BCHN development team launched BCHN full node that is dissenting with the BCH full node established by the Bitcoin ABC team. The BCHN gained support from most miners as its implementation removed the coinbase rules.

BCH may split into two chains during the upgrade as the Bitcoin ABC full node application is extensively used and recognized. One of the chains will receive the name BCH, and the other will give a brand new name. All BCH owners can get two cryptocurrencies at a ratio of 1:1 if a split occurs.

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