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CryptoAltum is the most famous MT5 platform, which is executing the trade market performance with all trades filled at a reasonable price than available within the market. The corporate practices Fill or Kill orders which means that the orders are filled completely at the simplest available price, with no partial fills and a 100 per cent execution rate.

Fills All Trades Automatically:

Without dealing desk intervention, all the trades automatically filled by the company. At any time, the Traders can enter and liquidate the positions.

The highest amount of orders (open ones) that the users can take on their accounts are up to 200 orders (open) and 30 trades (pending). It is provided that the entire submission must not surpass the maximum amount of £797,345 as per the criteria. There are two levels, one is margin call at 150%, and the other is stop out at 100%.

The servers company are operating from London. Additionally, the support team of this company is available on the Line as well as social media platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, etc. and available 24/7.

The platform, CryptoAltum, is different from the market in terms of providing full depth for all instruments on MT5. The risk team of this platform ensures the transparency of prices by making the tick data requests available. It offers the vulnerability of traders to cryptocurrencies as well as Forex, Gold, and Indices.

On CryptoAltum, the professional traders can account the lot sizes, either minimum or maximum, for all trading pairs just like the volume limit. For instance, some crypto pairs like XRPEUR and BNBJPY, are the one against users can bet. 

Those cryptocurrency pairs for which the maximum limit is higher at £797,345 per trading, include BTC, XRP, DASH, LTC, BCH, ETH, DASH, LTC, XMR, and EOS. When the volume of these trading pairs increases in Pounds, the requirements of margin also increase in the particular currency.

Moreover, those cryptocurrency pairs for which the maximum limit is lower at £239,058 include BNB, BSV, ADA, and TRX.

Financing Positions and Fees:

The users will be facing fees either on long position financing or short position financing. The calculation of financing positions will be made based on lot size multiplied by the points of financing. These financing pints make changes daily from the liquidity providers. The application of financing fees of cryptocurrency occurs every four hours. For Forex and Indices, this fee is applied daily.

The CryptoAltum that is based in Marshall Island does not demand KYC. It does not employ any onchain monitoring technologies to make sure the privacy of traders. It is beneficial for those neophytes who are willing to practise the platform to get vulnerability to CFD’s without leaking their personal information.

To sum the above discussion, CryptoAltum has exciting highlights in its wide class of cryptocurrency markets such as Forex, Gold, and Indices. The transparent fee structure and willingness of this platform is to give traders the tremendous support on their trades.

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