Fulfillrite celebrates new order fulfillment warehouse in grand opening ceremony




LAKEWOOD, NJ, JUNE 3 – Order fulfillment company, Fulfillrite, celebrated the grand opening of its new warehouse last Thursday, June 3. With magician Shlomo Levinger as host, employees and local officials celebrated the occasion together at a gathering of about 40 people, in accordance with state and CDC health guidelines.

The new warehouse is located at 825 Towbin Ave, Lakewood, NJ. Built in 2020, the building is brand new, and totals 40,000 square feet. This quadruples the company’s storage capacity, allowing them to serve more clients in the future.

“We’ve been in this business for over 12 years now. I’ve seen a lot of companies achieve their goals and grow once we start taking care of shipping,” said Charlie Brieger, CEO of Fulfillrite. “Now we’ll be able to help even more small businesses scale up.”

Fulfillrite is an order fulfillment company that specializes in eCommerce and crowdfunding. The goal is simple: help small business owners ship their items so they can focus on growing their businesses and creating new products. Clients include Zip Top, Waves Puzzle, Calamityware, Nabee Socks, and many more.

“This facility is clean, new, and state-of-the-art. Along with technology upgrades that we’re rolling out, we can not only serve more customers, but we can serve them more efficiently too,” said Charlie Brieger, CEO. “That means we can keep prices low while giving companies the individual attention they deserve.”

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About Fulfillrite

Fulfillrite is the most trusted name in order fulfillment. Boost customer satisfaction and scale your business faster with a logistics partner that feels like an extension of your team. Services include same-day shipping, real-time order and inventory tracking, dedicated customer service, and volume-based discounts.

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