Going beyond digitization as a recovery engine




The current context of global health emergency has revealed the importance, even more so, of digitization. But not one based on having the latest tools or indiscriminate solutions that don’t pay attention to the levers of recovery.

The transformation requires, despite the urgencies of the pandemic, some planning and detecting where it makes the most sense to push it to adapt to the dizzying pace imposed by the coronavirus. This was demonstrated during the Salesforce Live: Spain event .

“Digitization will be key for growth in the coming years. It is a reality that has come to stay, ”said Enrique Polo de Lara, General Manager of Salesforce in Spain.

Despite the great uncertainty that flies over most economic activities, we have to be brave. Make decisions capable of modernizing the business fabric with the intention of becoming innovation platforms in the middle of a global crisis.

As Polo de Lara expressed, the transformation creates a new world, but this must be better for each and every one of its actors. “The social impact will come from a corporate culture based on values. We believe in customer success. We believe in innovation. We believe in equality. We believe in diversity ”.

One of the tools presented during the event was called Salesforce Digital 360. It is about offering new technologies and services that help digital leaders create more connected and personalized experiences through marketing and electronic commerce.

New to Digital 360 include the Customer 360 Audiences and Commerce Cloud Payments customer data platform, a payments solution powered by Stripe, and the Experience Cloud for accelerated digital experiences. “We all thought the relevance of the transformation.

Something that has now permeated more in society and in business culture, ”said Patricia Alonso, director of marketing and electronic commerce at Adolfo Domínguez.

Voice as a digitization tool was on the rise. More present today due to the telematic world created by the health emergency. The Service Cloud Voice solution has been very important to a company like Cosentino.

His process manager, Ignacio Larraz, assured that they needed to better understand the end customer and respond to their needs, something that they could not achieve only with their web environment. “We have integrated voice into our outreach processes. This immediacy is a value for us. With this tool we detect the needs of users, which generates more business areas ”.

To emerge stronger from this crisis, or at least not die along the way, technology has a capacity for structuring business. It offers flexibility both internally and externally. Javier Tovar, Mediaset’s information technology director, detailed that the fear of failure must be overcome.

Organizations must believe the transformation they undertake. “The pandemic has accelerated changes in people’s consumption habits, which has given us the possibility of improving our relationship with the user. We have changed the concept of mass audience for one-to-one communication with what they want immediately ”.

As was clear at the event, Salesforce is committed to offering the solution that best suits each company and in line with the best possible technology on the market. This is the rationale for all of your cloud verticals , including 12 industrial clouds with over 700 preset services. A strategy with which to connect customers with consumers in a new way .

A bet that still has to break down some barriers. According to an internal survey, half of organizations still consider transformation to be a passing trend. “Companies are a great platform for change in a crisis like the current one. We simply want to help the ecosystem grow ”, concluded Polo de Lara.

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