IMPT Raises $1 Million In 24 Hours: A Golden Chance To Invest In The Year’s Largest ICO




With $1 million raised in less than 24 hours, the IMPT presale has now surpassed $15.9 million in funding. The increase in participation, which comes with fewer than four days left in the sale, shows strong interest in the Ethereum-based eco-friendly marketplace. 

The growing participation is expected to draw ESG-focused investors once it starts in the New Year. And it is a golden chance for you to invest your money and make a profit.

Exchange listings will happen shortly after the IMPT presale ends; Uniswap, LBANK Exchange, and Changelly Pro have already said they support the native coin. Together with its expanding network of more than 25,000 retail partners, this gives it a solid base to expand in the future.

The Last Chance To Invest As The Biggest ICO Of The Year Ends This Week

Presale participants may collect their IMPT tokens starting on December 12, the day after the sale finishes formally. The initial exchange listings for IMPT have been scheduled for December 14.

Just an hour ago, IMPT celebrated reaching $15.5 million, but since then, the sum has risen to $15.92 million. With a limit of $25.98 million for the second and final stage of the sale, it will reach $16 million in a matter of minutes.

Given its fundamentals, IMPT is likely to hit $20 million or more by December 11. It will combine a market for NFT-based carbon offsets with a platform. 

And through that platform, customers can buy products from merchants who donate a portion of their sales to environmental initiatives. These two aspects of its operations will work together to promote greener behaviour among consumers and businesses.

In its whitepaper, IMPT claims that its platform would let customers browse across a network of “thousands” of retail brands. IMPT has confirmed in tweets that it has already signed up more than 25,000 affiliates.

Customers will receive IMPT tokens as a reward for making purchases from these companies, which they can then use to purchase NFT-based carbon credits. These credits may then be either resold or retired, with the latter adding to the user’s score, which measures their environmental effect.

Importantly, because IMPT uses the Ethereum blockchain, its NFT-based carbon credits will be easier to trace and more transparent than carbon offsets from the past. 

Campaigners, journalists, and others have long lamented the opaque nature of the current carbon credit market, which frequently leads to upselling and price gouging.

However, many prior cases of abuse are likely to be stopped by IMPT because every transaction and credit is visible on Ethereum. This is a significant factor in its ability to generate so much interest for its platform.

It’s important to note that IMPT has a 3 billion maximum supply, of which 42% will be used for the sale. Additionally, any portion of this allotment that isn’t sold will be burnt, further reducing the availability of IMPT.

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