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This season’s batch of Apple hits all the sticks. With the iPhone 12 Pro Max you have a bulería; cheerful, boisterous. The presence of the iPhone 12 models transmit serenity, like a tango.

His brother the iPhone 12 Pro is faster, like a soleá. But the big news has been the little one in the house, the funniest: the iPhone 12 mini . A fusion of expected features in a compact size.

The choice of one or the other depends, above all, on money. None of the four are accessible products for all budgets, but this year the American multinational has decided to reduce the entry gap with the “mini”, a version that forms a curious pair with its larger “brother”. Both coincide in some internal aspects such as the choice of the chip, an A14 Bionic, which gives it remarkable performance in all scenarios.

Aesthetically they present great differences. The first thing that attracts your attention is the size. The mini is the most compact mobile that has been company. It is small, manageable. It has a 5.4-inch screen that fits into a block of aluminum and glass with good finishes (and more youthful colors) .

It is sufficient and compact. Comfortable and lightweight, only 133 grams. Actually it is like the iPhone 12, with which it shares from chip, memory, cameras and design, but at a more friendly size. Regardless, you can write well and there is room to view content without having to use binoculars.

It is the ideal format for people with small hands or those who like something more manageable if it weren’t for the fact that it has some limitations such as battery life, which covers the day with difficulties, about nine or ten hours at full capacity. It is 10% less than the top model.

It’s to bang your head against the wall. Pulling 5G networks even further so can become frustrating . Even in moderate use it does not exceed it, but it is a toll that has to be paid with this interesting format that was possibly very necessary given the increase in millimeters that the mobile market has registered in recent years.

In turn, the iPhone 12 Pro Ma x is the big guy in the class. Weighing about 228 grams, it is a beast in every way. Assemble the largest screen the company has ever made, about 6.7 inches. But, on the other hand, it has a size similar to that of an iPhone 8 Plus, which means that there is an appropriate product to reproduce multimedia content without giving up worrying dimensions.

Still, in a trouser pocket it sticks out. Both also feature the Super Retina XDR display, coming to the entire iPhone lineup for the first time with a custom-designed OLED-type panel. It offers good image quality, well calibrated and refined. A luxury for this size.

Where the differences are most appreciated is in the photographic section. And here is a lot of fabric to cut. In the case of the «mini» we find a double camera with 12 megapixels per lens: a wide angle and an ultra wide angle (it does not have a telephone) .

The absence of a telephoto camera for optical zoom is somewhat disappointing. In general, it is a very continuous but quite versatile configuration to which some interesting technologies such as video recording in Dolby Vision have been incorporated.

With the iPhone 12 Pro Max, on the other hand, you have a better camera. It maintains the level and shines with a triple camera, which stands out for having substantially improved the controversial ultra wide angle. But the main sensor is larger, so it gets more light.

For its part, the telephoto lens has a little more travel, a x2.5 zoom. Now, all its focal points shoot in night mode and benefit from a new Lidar sensor for low light conditions. This sensor is also used in portrait mode with a somewhat improved and perfected crop than last year. Compared to the iPhone 12 Pro model there are hardly any differences at the photographic level.

This technology also allows better interpretation of distances and improves clipping of the «bokeh» effect. A new deformity correction system has been added to achieve much more creative scenes with the ultra wide angle.

The new stabilization system is better, although it is hardly noticeable compared to last year. In general, its two great assets are the battery (impressive that extends to more than a day and a half) and the huge surface of its screen to enjoy.

One of the novelties is the possibility of using the new MagSafe connector, which is connected through a magnetic system on the back. Both are compatible with this system. With a nuance: the “mini” model does not load as much power as the rest of its brothers.

It works fine without a case (it must be official to use it) but the power transfer is somewhat slow. It is an interesting invention, rescued from the trunk of Apple memories (it was present in MacBook computers) but now it has been given a new life to the point that accessories have been developed to even carry credit cards.

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