iPhone 13 Has Already Been Registered For Its Launch In September



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The new models of the iPhone 13 range have been registered today for the Eurasian market by Apple, thus confirming the next launch of the new generation of smartphones.

That’s not a surprise, of course, but at least it indicates that Apple is taking all the necessary steps to get back on track this year. It is something important, considering that the iPhone 12 range was delayed, at least a couple of times internally, and skipped the usual Apple appointment in the month of September.

In contrast, with the iPhone 13 Apple intends to return to the previous cycle, with a public presentation in September ahead of a launch at the end of the same month, or early October at the latest. It is what he has always done, to secure a good position for the important Christmas campaign.

To achieve this, and like all manufacturers, Apple must not only solve technical problems, but also administrative ones, and today it has crossed another thing off the list with the registration of seven new smartphone models in the ECC, the Eurasian Economic Commission, necessary to sell them in Russia.

The model numbers do not correspond to any current iPhone: A2628, A2630, A2634, A2635, A2640, A2643, A2645. And we know that they are iPhones because Apple defines the operating system used as iOS 14; actually, the new iPhones will arrive with iOS 15, but you must put the latest version released compatible. Just because there are seven models doesn’t mean there are going to be seven different iPhones, as capacity variations are also counted.

Associating those numbers with those registered in China, we can already reach a conclusion about the iPhone 13: they will have more battery. The smallest model has a 2,406 mAh, while that of the iPhone 12 Mini is 2,227 mAh; in medium models it is 3,095 mAh (2,815 mAh in iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro) and in large models, it is 4,353 mAh (3,687 mAh in iPhone 12 Pro Max).

Possible design of the iPhone 13. Photo: XleaksS7
But there is not much else we can extract from this record; after all, it is a prerequisite imposed by the Russian government to know which devices capable of encrypting information are sold in your country, not a commercial registration. Therefore, there is no information on possible functions, quantity and quality of the cameras or screen.

Rumors speak of more screen space in the same size, thanks to the reduction of the ‘notch’ or notch; the cameras would also be improved, with larger sensors.

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