Massive Bitcoin (BTC) Tram Advertisement Campaign 2020 launched in Hong Kong




A Huge Bitcoin (BTC) advertisement campaign has started in the centre of Hong Kong’s financial district, highlighting three BTC trams and 20 comparable signboards. It is a social initiative organized by the Hong Kong Bitcoin Association, an association with more than 5,000 affiliates.

The Bitcoin Tram Promotion:

The Bitcoin (BTC) Association of Hong Kong declared they had started an extensive BTC recognition initiative named the Bitcoin Tram operations. Many ads are programmed to move between Septembers. 11 and October. 8. Throughout that time, three double-decker BTC trams of many lines will travel the east and west routes on Hong Kong Island, each covered with the BTC logo.

As its official website shows, it is an informative operation, an action from the Hong Kong Bitcoin Society, described by the Bitcoin (BTC) Association of Hong Kong, stressing that the drive is funded with donations from the society. Intending to encourage and support BTC and its technology in Hong Kong, the organization has more than 5K members and has secured more than 250 episodes.

Plus, the Bitcoin (BTC) Tram campaign has the intention of matter-of-factly discussing the perils and advantages of Bitcoin, particularly in the context of continuing economic and commercial settings.

Twenty signboards follow the trams in meeting design. The signboards outside Chatter Garden are signifying to display from September. 11 to 24, and several signboards on Hong Kong Island are publicized from September. 11 to October. 1, 2020.

Many separate signboard information for the community-funded BTC Tram campaign:

There are several separate signboard advertisements. One states Caution: Your BTC is your obligation. There will be no quantitative alleviation. You can confirm the total accumulation of BTC with your home machine on the block-chain.

The next advertisement states: More United States dollars have been issued in 2020 than were in continuation in 2009. So, there will just eternally 21 million BTC.

The third information shows Limited, Divided, Interchangeable, Correct, and Tamper-proof. BTC is more useful at being gold than 24-carat.

The BTC Tram advertisement campaign highlights your bank and several signboards put in front of the HSBC house.

Moreover, the Hong Kong Bitcoin (BTC) Association described that we hope the operations will allow us to explain how bitcoin suits into a fast digitizing global marketplace, the fitness, and risks of drastic technological progressions, and the implications of digital, provable rarity.

Martin Baumann, the founding father of CMCC Global, said that the Bitcoiners are passionate about this BTC advertisement campaign.  Like this action and think that it is the greatest BTC campaign to time, across the globe.

The financial district of Hong Kong is fully wrapped in BTC now with boards along with all bus and trams stands and BTC trams broadcasting in the financial district of Hong Kong.

Furthermore, the Twitter account Asia Hodl recorded that the BTC promotion right in the centre of Hong Kong’s service district. And best in the face of HSBC’s office.

Similarly, Switzerland also has a BTC tram, as Bitcoin Suisse immediately faced out that its tram is travelling through Zurich’s roads for around one year presently.

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