University Of Spain Launches Study On Bitcoin Use




The University of Zaragoza, located in the northeast of Spain, is currently developing a project on cryptocurrencies through which it intends to develop a model for accepting bitcoin (BTC) as a means of payment in online purchases.

The research has been called the Crypto Project, and it consists of a survey divided into five pages . It was sent to the editorial staff of CriptoNoticias by Miguel Ginalíu, professor of Marketing at that university.

Through research to be carried out in Spanish and English, the university seeks to know the perceptions of users who have purchased some type of product in the last 12 months using the most popular cryptocurrency on the market as a means of payment.

Although the survey does not specify when it will release the final results to the public, it is expected that they will be revealed in the coming months of this year. The study that will be carried out through a survey will have the support of the Coinmotion Observatory of Cryptoassets .

The survey measures the use of bitcoin as a means of payment
The survey contains different variables to measure the use of bitcoin as a means of payment. The University of Zaragoza clarifies that the information obtained will be used for scientific purposes by the team of researchers from this higher education institution and that no personal data is collected.

The questions asked in this analysis have to do with knowing if paying with bitcoin is useful for making online purchases , if this means of payment allows you to make purchases quickly or if you trust Bitcoin technology to make those purchases.

The form also asks the user about their perception of the ease of making payments . Some of them have to do with whether it is believed that the use of bitcoin is easy, if this type of technology offers greater control over daily life or if it is noticed that, with the current development of Bitcoin, the errors related to it are infrequent.

The survey includes the sociodemographic data of the participants
The sociodemographic data of the participants is also included in the research with the aim of analyzing the type of bitcoin user. These results will make it possible to determine the age, sex, type of studies or the nationality of the participants.

In Spain, there are several businesses that accept bitcoin and other crypto assets as a means of payment. CriptoNoticias reported in April several of these stores that added BTC during the current year. There are shops for various items, such as an electric motorcycle company and a language school.

The entrepreneurs consulted by this means of communication pointed out that cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin have become an alternative to process digital payments, especially in times of confinement and a COVID-19 pandemic.

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