Vladri Introduces ‘Boundless’: A Fusion of Seven Physical Artworks, 833 NFTs, and 833 Premium .com Domain Names




Vladri has unveiled ‘Boundless’, an innovative collection that seamlessly merges traditional art with the digital realm. Comprised of seven distinct physical artworks (acrylics on canvas 264 x 163 cm), the collection transcends conventional boundaries by offering 833 meticulously deconstructed NFTs, each representing a specific segment of the original paintings. Adding further value to the collection, each NFT is paired with a unique premium .com domain name, resulting in a total of 833 exclusive domain names. The ‘Boundless’ collection represents a groundbreaking convergence of artistic creativity, digital assets, and tangible worth.

Collectors are invited to apply for the purchase of an NFT until July 7, 2023. Successful applicants will initially receive the NFTs, and subsequently, they will have four years to claim their physical artwork and the corresponding premium .com domain name.

Renowned multidisciplinary artist, Vladri, extends an invitation to collectors and fine art enthusiasts to immerse themselves in his latest creation: the ‘Boundless’ collection. This extraordinary fusion of traditional acrylic paintings, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and premium .com domain names redefines the boundaries of artistic expression while offering an unparalleled collecting opportunity.

The ‘Boundless’ collection blurs the distinction between the tangible and the digital, celebrating the harmony between these two realms in a unique and pioneering artistic endeavor. This curated selection comprises seven acrylic paintings transformed into 833 individual NFTs, each associated with a premium .com domain name. Each of the seven artworks – ‘Revolver’, ‘Meta Master’, ‘Heart Dried Land’, ‘Troubled Confession’, ‘The Judge’, ‘Knife Eaters’, and ‘Humanity Connoisseur’ – is deconstructed into 119 distinct NFTs. These NFTs, representing specific segments of each painting, enable collectors to possess a part of the physical artwork while reflecting its full richness and intricate details in the digital realm.

The inclusion of .com domain names further amplifies the value and potential of each NFT. Independently appraised by Afternic, each domain possesses inherent value that surpasses its associated NFT, elevating the collection’s tangibility. Beyond their monetary worth, these domains, collected by Vladri over a span of seven years, offer collectors a unique platform for personal, business, or creative ventures.

The ‘Boundless’ collection is deeply rooted in Vladri’s distinctive Valueism philosophy. It provides an opportunity to acquire art and gain ownership of high-value digital collectibles. This duality presents collectors with an enticing proposition that extends beyond traditional art acquisition. The collection empowers owners with the transformative power of choice, allowing them to preserve the integrity of the original painting or independently leverage their segment while retaining ownership of the NFT and corresponding .com domain names. This approach challenges conventional norms in art collection, endowing each piece with value and significance for its owner.

This exceptional collection is underpinned by 4467 years of combined .com registration history, weaving a profound narrative that enhances the value and distinctiveness of each NFT. With appraisals starting at $1,700 and ascending to a total of $1,774,208, each domain instantly adds value to its associated NFT, offering immediate benefits to collectors.

The ‘Boundless’ collection serves as a testament not only to Vladri’s artistic approach but also to his commitment to redefine the relationship between art and value. His dedication to fostering creativity, value, and innovation reflects his desire to make an impact on the collective and transcend individual boundaries. Each piece is a compelling representation of the boundless possibilities at the intersection of art, technology, and value creation.

Embark on a journey of creativity, value, and transformation with the ‘Boundless’ collection. Visit https://Vladri.com to explore the collection and add a unique piece from this unprecedented fusion of art and technology to your collection.

Discover the 833 domain names integrated into the ‘Boundless’ collection: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rHsJJvp5U6TLIZ7jgyoeyrIrv–7cAjB6BAdWf_aXQo/edit?usp=sharing

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