Welsh Graphic Designer Achieves £500,000 Success with NFT Sale, Emerging as a Commercially Thriving Artist



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Ashley Crossland, a talented graphic designer hailing from Cardigan, Ceredigion, has experienced a remarkable leap in his artistic career following the extraordinary sale of his collection of digital artwork, amassing nearly £500,000 through the popular cryptocurrency Cardano ADA. This achievement has rapidly propelled him into the ranks of Wales’ most financially prosperous artists.

In a display of impressive creativity, Crossland created a collection known as Stag Alliance, featuring anthropomorphized deer, which comprises 7,500 unique digital artworks. Each artwork was acquired as a non-fungible token (NFT). During the sale, which spanned two days towards the end of March, individual pieces from the collection were resold at prices reaching the equivalent of £6,500 in Cardano ADA.

The phenomenal success of Ashley Crossland’s collection serves as a testament to the exponential growth of NFTs, captivating both digital artists and collectors. It underscores the profound impact NFTs can have on the creative industry, signifying a transformative milestone in the history of art.

“NFT technology is often misunderstood, but as our lives become increasingly immersed in digital realms, the desire to own unique digital art is growing. It’s an exciting realm to create art and digital experiences in,” expressed Ashley Crossland, artist and co-founder.

Supported by a global community of passionate collectors who revel in acquiring digital art and immersing themselves in captivating narratives, Crossland, along with childhood friend Jameel Sandham, co-founder, aspires to build a fantasy world named Elderworld. This visionary project aims to offer millions of people access to art, literature, and interactive web experiences.

“We want to sustain this momentum and establish a fantasy world that rivals the best-known ones out there. Through NFTs, collectors will gain access to our interactive web experiences, making them more dynamic than physical art,” shared Jameel Sandham, author and co-founder.

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) function as unique certificates of ownership for digital items, including artwork and collectibles. Utilising blockchain technology, NFTs guarantee the singularity of these digital assets, rendering duplication impossible. They also enable creators to attach special rules, such as earning royalties from future sales, offering artists a means to monetise their work effectively.

The astounding success of Ashley Crossland’s NFT sale underscores the growing interest in digital art ownership and the transformative potential of blockchain technology within the art world. It sets a remarkable precedent for artists seeking new avenues for recognition and financial success in an increasingly digital era.

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