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The past year has been amazing in many ways, including in the world of cryptocurrencies.  Crypto VC is a Venture Capital firm that invests in tokens, coins, NFT projects and new Blockchain providers. A venture capitalist (VC) is a private equity investor who provides adequate funding to new start-ups or projects showing high growth potential in exchange for an equity stake or tokens.

Crypto VCs make most of the latest investment opportunities available to the public. By following their blog posts, LinkedIn and Twitter feeds, you will get a good overview of the hottest crypto trends and projects. VC time horizons range from 4-10 years and minimum investments are often $250k or more.

Top crypto VC’s worth knowing more about:

VC funds have already eclipsed the annual amount of crypto investment. You can compare Crypto VC providers across multiple databases in different regions, EU, US and Asia. The total number of all relevant Crypto Venture Capital companies is 87. 51% of Crypto VC providers are located in the US, 21% are located in Asia and approximately 28% are located in the EU. For the last two years, the top crypto VCs have been very active. Venture firms have invested a lot of money in Layer 1s, Layer 2s and NFT projects in 2020 and 2021.

Popular Crypto VC companies:

As a retail investor, knowing the major players in the VC cryptocurrency market can make sure you put your money in the right way.  Before investing in a company review various projects, it is essential to check their growth potential and the possibility of a positive return on investment. Learn about some of the top crypto VCs. First up is Digital Currency Group. Its mission is to build and support bitcoin and blockchain companies by leveraging their insights and capital. Digital Currency Group has investments in Coindesk, Kraken and other blockchain protocols in its portfolio.

The next point is 122 WEST is a venture capital firm that focuses on early stage investments. Another noteworthy crypto VC is 10T, a mid- to late-stage growth equity firm that is building a diversified portfolio of private companies that enable the digital asset ecosystem (“DAE”). blufolio is worth mentioning. Here, the VC fund focuses on direct equity investments in early stage companies at the intersection of blockchain technology and sustainability. Early stage VC offers better long-term returns compared to other asset classes. In this case, the private fund structure in Luxembourg provides diversified exposure to qualified investors worldwide.

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