Which cryptocurrencies are trending across the US in 2023?




  • PEPE Coin has been the most trending cryptocurrency in 23 states, giving it the top spot
  • Other entries include XRP, Shiba Inu, and Avalanche

Research has revealed the top trending cryptocurrencies across the US so far this year, with PEPE Coin taking the top spot.

The study by cryptocurrency experts Marketplace Fairness analyzed Google Trends data for the first half of 2023 to see which cryptocurrencies have been trending the most in each state this year.

It found that the recently introduced ‘meme coin’ PEPE Coin is the top trending cryptocurrency this year, coming top in 23 states, most notably California, Florida, and Texas. It was launched in April of 2023, passing a $1 billion market cap in May 2023.

XRP features as the top trending cryptocurrency in five states: Arkansas, Delaware, Iowa, New Mexico, and Rhode Island. Developed by Ripple Labs, it consistently ranks in the top ten cryptocurrencies based on market cap, and is over ten years old.

Another meme coin to feature in the study is Shiba Inu, ranking top in Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, and North Dakota. It was released in 2020, naming itself the ‘Dogecoin killer’, with its price fluctuating drastically ever since, with a 240% surge in early October 2021.

AVAX, the native cryptocurrency of the blockchain Avalanche, comes top in three states: Connecticut, Indiana, and Oregon. The blockchain itself has seen partnerships with several corporations, including Amazon and Shopify, since its launch in 2020.

Many other cryptocurrencies also feature in the study. Solana ranks top in Alaska and Louisiana, Cardano ranks top in Kansas and Wyoming, Ethereum ranks top in Missouri and Vermont, Litecoin ranks top in New Jersey and South Dakota, and HEX ranks top in South Carolina and Tennessee.

Other entries include LCX, which has trended most in Colorado; USD Coin, which trended most in Idaho, Dogecoin, which trended most in Mississippi, CryptoZoo, which trended most in Oklahoma and Pi coin, which trended most in Utah.

Cryptocurrency Number of states
PEPE Coin 23
Shiba Inu 4
Solana 2
Cardano 2
Ethereum 2
Litecoin 2
USD Coin 1
Dogecoin 1
CryptoZoo 1
Pi 1

Commenting on the findings, a spokesperson for Marketplace Fairness said: “While the likes of Bitcoin may win based on just sheer popularity, it’s interesting to see which cryptocurrencies have piqued the interest of crypto enthusiasts in the US the most so far this year. With PEPE Coin just only being a few months old, it’ll be interesting to see if any other meme coins gather the same quick popularity that it has achieved.”

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