You Can Pay For Your Purchases With Tether On Tron Network




Bitrefill: now you can pay for your purchases with Tether on the Tron network. Bitrefill users applied for Tether onboarding. Tether represents 4% of your daily pay volume so far.

The platform for buying gift cards and telephone top- ups with cryptocurrencies , Bitrefill , announced the incorporation of Tether (USDT) in the Tron blockchain, as a new payment method at the request of its users.

Through a publication made in his blog on 27 May, the company said it has added Tether network of Tron, in order to give its users “a payment option stablecoin, quickly and cheaply, without high fees or long delays in confirmation. ‘

People’s interest in cryptocurrencies and their daily use have caused high commissions and delays in transactions in some blockchains , for example, Bitcoin and Ethereum, something that, according to Bitrefill , can “ruin the experience, which generates a lot of frustration. For the users”. 

In this sense, they chose Tether in the Tron network, because according to Bitrefill , it has become one of the most used methods to move funds denominated in US dollars, in seconds, with very few chain fees , which makes it “Extremely popular.”

Another reason that motivated this new addition is that the Latin American public chooses Tether as a way to send remittances or to carry out P2P exchanges for fiat currency, bypassing restrictions, government controls and high commissions, according to Bitrefill .

The company reported on Twitter that, prior to the announcement about Tether on Tron, they had already been operating the stablecoin on that network for two days and so far it represents 4% of their daily payment volume .

Other cryptocurrencies on Bitrefill
While it is true that the Bitrefill platform focuses on bitcoin, they also accept some altcoins such as: ethereum, litecoin, dash, and dogecoin.

In that sense, the company explains that its priority is to offer its gift cards through the services of the Bitcoin Lightning network and, for now, they have no plans to admit too many cryptocurrencies. If they are added to your list, they will do so according to “the size of the user base.”

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