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If there is one thing everyone knows about the trading markets is that they are highly volatile. It takes only seconds for the markets to change and sometimes, it can be immensely difficult for people to keep track of the movements. Of course, the profits to be made are very lucrative and this draws people into it, but it can be very difficult to monitor the market constantly. This is where trading robots can turn out to be a blessing for traders because they can monitor the trading markets for you 24/7. These robots are developed to trade on behalf of people and can identify opportunities quickly and open and close positions to make the most of them.

These trading robots have proven to be quite effective, which has contributed to their popularity. If you have decided to use a trading robot, you will not have any trouble in finding a horde of options to explore. While this is certainly a good thing, you should bear in mind that not all of them can give you the same kind of results. You need to check the trading robot before you decide to use it for your trading needs. One of the options you will come across is known as Yuan Pay Group Robot. It is a relatively new trading robot, but is rather well-liked and it is used in conjunction with the MetaTrader 4.

You will come to know that the Yuan Pay Group Robot works with a total of nine currency pairs and comes with unique filters that can be used with several live trading accounts. But, before you decide to use this robot, you need to take a close look at it. Let’s check it out:

How does Yuan Pay Group Robot Work?

The first thing that you will come to know about the Yuan Pay Group Robot is that it works with the MetaTrader 4 trading platform and doesn’t work with any other. Hence, if you plan on using this trading bot to assist with your trading needs, then you need to use a broker who supports this platform. Once you have purchased the software, it can be used with three live trading accounts. You can trade nine currency pairs with this robot, including AUD/USD, EUR/JPY, GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/CHF, USD/CHF, USD/CAD, EUR/USD and USD/JPY.

The next important thing you will discover about Yuan Pay Group Robot is that it is fully automated and is based on the risk parameters and profile you set within the dashboard of the software. You are given three risk profiles to choose from, which include high, medium and low-risk and 1-minute timeframes are used for doing all kinds of trading. Once you turn on the trading robot, it will work 24/5 to execute trades on your behalf. This means that the robot will continue searching for profitable trading opportunities until you decide to turn it off. However, it is of the utmost importance to set the robot up in accordance with your budget and trading style.

As far as the minimum deposit is concerned, you should be aware that Yuan Pay Group Robot asks you to have at least $4,000 in your trading account, or at least $40 in a micro account. According to the robot’s developers, it will also work best when it is used with a leverage of about 100:1 or higher.

How Much does Yuan Pay Group Robot Cost?

There are two price plans that are available to you when you decide to choose Yuan Pay Group Robot for your automated trading needs. The first plan involves a one-time payment of around €199, which will give you access to the software on one demo account and one live trading account. In addition, you will also receive 24/7 customer support and get benefits like free updates.

The second price plan that you will come across is also a one-time payment and it asks you to spend €399. This gives you the ability of using the trading robot for three live trading accounts and as many demo accounts as possible. Once again, you will be able to get benefits in the form of free updates and round-the-clock customer support.

Who Should Use Yuan Pay Group Robot?

This it is an automated trading robot, which means that there are a number of people who can benefit from using it. If you don’t want to have a hands-on role in forex trading and have something else to do, using the Yuan Pay Group Robot can be the ideal solution for you. In addition, the more expensive plan can be the perfect choice if you are using multiple trading accounts. Also, considering the reasonable price of this trading robot, it is also suited to intermediate retail traders. Nonetheless, you should remember that it will only work if you are willing to stick to the 9 currency pairs supported by the robot.

The Yuan Pay Group Robot shouldn’t be used by novices because it works with high leverage and until you come to grips with how to trade on margin, you shouldn’t engage with this robot. Also, having some familiarity with the MT4 trading robot is also recommended.

Benefits of Using Yuan Pay Group Robot

The biggest advantage of using the Yuan Pay Group Robot is that it can help in streamlining your trading operation significantly. This can work in your favor if you want to save time to research and execute your trades. One of the best things about this trading robot is that it can pinpoint trends with a great deal of accuracy. As it operates within 1-minute timeframes, you can rest assured that it will not miss out on a trading opportunity. It can work for all kinds of budget since you can use the Yuan Pay Group Robot for both micro and standard accounts. Plus, if you are not satisfied with the robot for any reason, you can take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee it comes with.

You will also find the Yuan Pay Group Robot design to be highly convenient, as all you have to do is add it to the MT4 and from there you can adjust your trading strategy and parameters. The robot is user-friendly, efficient and affordable, making it a great option for everyone. Read the full Yuan Pay Group review here.

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